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The Alchemy of Heavenly and Earthly Ancestors.

The Alchemy of Heavenly & Earthly Ancestors Event Picture.jpg

Pippa Handley Cooke & Sonraya Grace

Saturday 11th November 2023 10am - 4pm

Enclosing an invitation to those who wish to honour their body temples around the ethereal fire as we connect with the post energies of Samhain, and the waning, near dark moon.  To witness ourselves and our family tree as those aspects are honoured and old energies released. Picture yourself from this day how much more Lightness and Freedom you feel, and the deeper dialogue you have with your body and the inspirations you receive from your soul. 


This 11-11 day held within the Chalice Well meeting room (including time with the water and elementals within the gardens) will include a gentle shamanic journey for release, to create a deeper connection with the ancestral wisdom that you carry. To be part of the heart of Avalon and all the mystical connections that this readily awaits to connect with your heart field.


As One - a heart hive will be created to link in with bees and the wisdom that they carry, as they share the nourishing flows for embodying as we move towards preparing our bodies for the winter months ahead.


This is an interactive event that wholly supports you, as you connect with yourself and the golden hive of creation, as this day supports renewal for the Spring. This is for those who wish to reclaim their Divine Sovereignty encouraging the power of


Womb/Hara- Heart connections.

  • A gentle shamanic journey for release.

  • Bee exploration for nourishment and embodiment.

  • Co-creating sacred weaving in the heart of Avalon.

  • Magical elemental connections from within the gardens.

  • An expansive sharing of sacred sounds including vibrations from the water memory collection of PipEssence.


What to expect:

  • Balancing and releasing of ancestral lineage patterns.

  • Connecting with the bee wisdom and contributing to the one honey heart hive.

  • Recieve the beautiful sounds of tubular chimes and crystal singing bowls.

  • Tuning in with the primordial energy of the dark moon.

  • Earthly elemental connections and messages from the Chalice Well gardens.


Bring a packed lunch, mat and favourite blanket.

Optionally, bring your favourite golden-yellow crystal or an item to go into your medicine bag/pouch


If your heart resonates with the potential of this day, trust that wisdom and join us.

With Love and Bright blessings along your path.

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