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The Essences

Please browse below for all the essences currently available. For more information on a particular essence, just click its image or text

Cosmic Moments Range

The Cosmic Moment range, is  a range of essences that includes the water memory from sacred places around our beautiful planet Earth, this is purposefully timed with events in the skies such as a Super Moon or a Cardinal Cross. This in turn means that the supportive energies outside of our planet, vibrationally has been included.

DIVINE 6.jpg
SUN 6.jpg
MOON 6.jpg
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OCEAN 6.jpg
Felion Shop.jpg

Heart & Soul Range

These four sprays links in very much with Ancient times and the vibration and the ‘Remembering’ that each place holds. Three of the water memories has been abroad to store the energy from these special places. In turn, this supports heart coherence and connecting with the Soul through the physical body vessel. To help you with qualities of connectivity with the Archangels, Magic with Goddess Isis, Diamond Light Energy with Lemurian Light or you can connect with your Soul in a deeper way.  


Atlantis Angels


New Earth Range

These water memories are for the Head, the Heart and to Ground, bringing through energetic support and connectivity so that we can sow the seeds of Love and Light for the beginnings of our New Earth. With qualities of Return to wholeness, Inner peace, Heart knowing, New perspective(s), Strong foundations, Transform or to Earth and be grounded.

Rainbow Light Single.jpg
Grandmother Bbeech Single Shop Image White BG.jpg
Avalon Gateway Single.jpg
Priestess Rose Single Shop Image White BG.jpg
Sacred Oak Single.jpg
Elvin Light Temp Single final 2.jpg

Awakening Range

Fractals from nature delivered through the water memory designed to help you flow with the big shifts, upgrades and changes that are being presented. To support the experiences felt and the energy system in clearing the old to make way for the new, especially to be implemented for the physical, with loving, high vibrational energetics. To help you with qualities of moving beyond those places that get stuck, the energy that needs to be transmuted, supporting states of freedom and liberation whilst encouraging the lightness and brightness of your heart and aura to expand. Alternatively, these droplets are here to help you just relax, breathe and be.

Unicorm MoonSingle.jpg
Resilience Single.jpg

Temple Range

To connect openly, tenderly and honestly with the many beautiful Temples that reside in our bodies, in turn brings through harmony, dialogue and trust. As we continue to move through potent times, this essence range is here to support you through via the water memory alchemy, to bring your-self home with truth, stillness and heart wisdom.

Salacia Single Bottle Shop With Transarant BG 30-07-23.png
Sacred Union Image Logo.png
Sacred Union Slide Gallery.png
Sacred Union Slide Gallery.png

As the balance and coming together as One between the Masculine and Feminine has returned, we continue and move forward and evolve collectively, recognising the effects from the past hurts....More 

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