Nature's Gifts For The Whole of You 

These Essences have been created to assist with the change of energies of 2020 (and beyond). They are here to encourage us during this global shift and transformation. Each has its individual journey of creation and holds its unique water memory of energetic support.

Rainbow Light is the essence that connects with the upper crown chakras, to connect with Light Beings and the larger planetary aspects in our solar system of 12-01-2020. This essence connects with the much bigger picture outside of our planet Earth and the droplets memorised so much energy that day, ultimately to help us on our paths, to experience the heart’s knowing with no trace of fear.

Avalon Gateway is the essence that is all about the heart coherence and expansion. These droplets store a four-way matrix of water memory from four individual places within Avalon/ Glastonbury- and links with the many, many aspects that are related with this mystical and magical place. This is also a powerful and alchemy blend for those who are on their Spiritual Pilgrimage.

Sacred Oak was created to ground the new earth energies, as an environmental messenger of Mother Gaia and the Spirit of the Forest. Bringing through the Flow, Energies and Wisdom from this Primal, ‘World’ Tree to assist with Balancing and Nurturing you with Connectivity, Strength and Gentle Perseverance as we pass through these Changing Times. Lastly, for all dreams and visions to manifest, they require grounding.


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