Nature's Gifts For The Whole of You 

Atlantis Angels

Feel into any of these angelic beings, which one draws you in?

Which Angelic vibration do you sense would support you in your day?

Use PipEssence daily and develop a regular practice of calling on AAs for messages & support.

Key Aspects for Assisting with..
Colour Ray
Beauty of God
Inner Beauty/seeing positivity/reveal your vibrant Light of your soul/ Awaken to the next level/ clarity of direction/ clear & raise your vibration so you can access true beauty and higher wisdom.
 Bright Pink
God is my strength
Bringing through inspiring messages and guidance to the true essence of all that you are meant to be. Tune into the love of AG to cleanse & lift your vibration, open your heart and third eye.
He who looks like God
For protection/ releasing fear & worry / courage / remover of obstacles / life purpose / sword of Light / cuts cords and attachments.
 Royal Blue
God Heals
Full healing / Vibrant health & well-being (diet & lifestyle)/ guidance/ travel.
 Emerald Green
God is Light
Shift into higher realms of consciousness / remover of blocks to your Divine Light and true purpose / problem solving / Purify mental and emotional layers.
Grace of God
Heavy emotions / Struggling with Women’s issues / protection / personal power / spiritual gifts and 
abilities / centredness / creating positive change / Moon Energy.
Pearly Blue & White
Flow of creativity esp. with music, poetry and prayer / Bridge between heaven & Earth / Grounding / guardian of animals, nature, elemental kingdoms / Realign with truth.
Acclimatising to ascension changes / balancing your energy system & matrix / accessing your 
Light body / adjusting to big energetic shifts / be more in spiritual life and authentic spiritual power / Spiritual Teachings / Akashic Records / Children / cuts cords and attachments / M’s cube (his symbol – a detailed map of creation and universal travel.
Violet & Green
Causal chakra link / tune into the ascension light / assisting with integrating and balancing higher levels of light through your physical to the multidimensional levels of awareness- to include body (cells), mind, emotions, spirit, aura energy with Divine Feminine Christ Light / accessing the ancient -  future wisdom of your soul.
Inspires true abundance on Earth / Wellbeing of all beings on Earth from insects to skies and 
rivers / co-creation with all / community / flow of abundance / raise and lighten your energy 
from within / water, wealth, prosperity connections.
Azure Blue
Righteousness of God
Violet Flame of cleanse and illumination / unforgiveness to self and others / strengthen your connection with the Divine / Release heavy emotions / Freedom / Highest potential.
Removes obstacles from you living your highest and greatest truth in this lifetime / holds Keys to unlocking the secrets and mysteries of the multiverse (e.g. sacred geometry, alchemy, numerology, astrology, telepathy, ley lines, crystalline grids) / Spiritual insights/ develop physic abilities / tune into Divine magic and manifestation.