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Experience the treasures of PipEssence and discover the many different energetic vibrations of water.

Water is one of mother nature’s magical elements that holds many mysteries waiting to be explored. It has the power to energize and hydrate our bodies, while also providing a sense of stillness and space for. By tapping into inner wisdom that water offers we can unlock a understanding of ourselves and world around us by tapping into the healing and transformative energy it has.

The creation of each bottle of PipEssence is a labour of love, crafted by hand and heart. Every essence has its own unique story of creation, infused with subtle natural scents.

Our essences are more than just energetic tools, they are companions that can help you connect more deeply with your lifestyle by harnessing the powerful energetic vibrations of water.

With the power of intention, these essences can help you tap into the healing energy of the natural world and create a more harmonious life by helping you unlock your full potential

Come and explore the wonders of PipEssence and discover the true energetic power of water

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