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Exploring the Cosmic Heart

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Pippa Handley Cooke & Lovisa Alvtörn

Monday 24th April 2023 7pm - 8.30 PM (BST)

Presented live via Zoom

On the 24th April 2023, Pippa and Lovisa will take you on a bridging journey by connecting our hearts to be a channel as Heaven on Earth (this will be just after 'Earth Day', which is on the 22nd April 2023). Together, we would like to share with you the heart field of Venus, which is the beautiful Sister to our Planet Earth and the heart satellite for our Cosmos. We will be discussing the importance of our heart field on a personal and soul level and its intrinsic link with the Oneness and the Source Heart field (Consciousness level). 

During the workshop you will:

  • Receive an overview of the significance of Venus – as part of our evolution today.

  • Connect and work with the bees and their important role, linking in our thoughts, the collective hive, and our hearts.

  • Be guided in a meditation from Lovisa in which she will invite you to travel to Venus and meet with some of the Heart ambassadors of the Cosmos.

  • Be introduced to the Cosmic Heart PipEssence droplets and how to receive the energy on a deeper level to receive for self (Aura and Energy Field) or share in service work (Others and Environment). Having this water memory essence is not essential.

  • Be sharing the important role of bees to remind us of our community role and of the importance of the guidance from the Queen Bee.

Please bring your favourite Quartz crystal that represents your heart and a glass or small bowl of spring water.

Both Pippa and Lovisa hold strong connections with both star systems and Earth realms and they would like to take you on a journey for personal benefit and expansion, the group collective, and our world. The workshop will be streamed LIVE and also recorded, the recording will be sent out to all participants the following day. Please note, the recorded version is just as powerful as the live event.


Love Lovisa & Pippa 


Date: 24th April 2023

Time: 7pm (BST)

Duration: 90 Minutes

Cost: £14.00 Per Person

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