Nature's Gifts For The Whole of You 

Personalised Sound Journeys

These varied sound journeys have been created for those who feel specifically drawn to moving deeper within themselves. Reasons may include ancestral, a previous life time or pure curiosity.

These journeys are taken fully clothed, laying on a couch. I work with several guides and aspects of energy (similar to colour, frequency through creative visualisation). Whatever comes through me is specific for you and your unique vibration, ultimately creating a positive higher frequency which can be weaved into you and your life.


The ancient tone scale set of tuning forks are a set of specific frequencies that can help with soul retrieval (when we disconnect from an event or ourselves, or when trauma is experienced). These frequencies can connect with the inner world so that those parts that are lost can be brought back.

Fee £35 each hour session


For those who consider the keepers of past secrets and sentinels of the future, trees wise and sacred, this sound journey takes you through a  woodland trail to different tree families which further links in with the 5 elements of Earth, water, Fire, Air and Spirit, and their seasons.

Fee £35 each hour session

Divine Feminine

The softness, the Great mother, provider, fertile energy, creatrix of all life, whole hearted, re-emergence, a celebration to behold, new radiance, creativity. This journey and specific tuning fork frequencies are a voyage of discovery and celebration of the feminine, and all that SHE entails.

Fee £35 each hour session

Egyptian Temple

Sounds from Ancient Egypt, and its many temples can bring through links with the Pantheon, the healing energies of that era and realisations that can assist in the modern world. The Isis Singing bowl will also be used in this session.

Fee £35 each hour session

Ancient Atlantean

Sounds from the Sea can often bring through a remembering that can be used in today’s environment, for those who feel they have links with this time. Crystal bowls will also be used in this session.

Fee £35 each hour session

Star Gateway

A specific sound journey using the tones from the stars can assist your otherworldly connections. The galactic gate tubular chimes and sacred voice will be used in this session.   

Fee £35 each hour session

For more information on any of the personalised Sound Journeys, please feel free to Contact Us