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Queen Of Peace

The Queen of Peace, also known as Angel/Mother/the Virgin Mary, spent some of her most contented and peaceful moments in the mountains, namely Mount Olive in Jerusalem, and Mount Nightingale near Ephesus in Turkey. Her daily routine consisted of spending time in sacred places and helping as many people as she could, communing and honouring nature, the birds and animals. As part of the mystical brother/sisterhood, the Essenes, her role included travel and, of course, giving birth to the chosen One, Yeshua – Jesus.

Her love is unconditional, and she shares her capacity to mother all, and those who are touched by her essence receive such amazing grace and compassion. This connects you with such bliss like the blessing of an angel. Her purity and scent come with the most delicate of touches as she welcomes you into her arms and heartfelt embrace.

The waters for the ‘Queen of Peace’ essence were collected from a natural spring from within the House of Mary on Mount Nightingale, where the chapel dedicated to her (and her possible place of rest) is filled with the most beautiful and intoxicating scent from the fountain of white lilies that are placed as an arch around her statue. She wants you to follow your heart to experience the love and bliss that she touches you with in such a profound yet gentle manner as she shares her light.


With this water anointment the grace and power of the feminine Christ is shared deep within your whole being. The Queen of Peace legacy, energy and teachings are with you and the collective, so that you can all continue singing in the song lines, aligning with the divine and weaving the sacred energy of creation into the web of life.

As Mary shares her blessings of light pouring from her hands, she knowingly places the most dazzling white Dove of Peace within your heart together with an open blue rose within your throat, so that you speak your self-assured truth, and she places the purest gold crown in your Soul Star (Click here for a diagram) so that you shine out from your heart what is truly within your divine spark of light.

The scented notes in this essence derive from the lily family, the apple and the rose, sharing sweet glory and rejuvenation for the soul.  The shared wisdom encourages refined beauty in living simply, wholeheartedly and in community, with your wings out ready to take flight.

This holy essence is for everyone:  for children, teachers, creatives, lightworkers, those from the Rose Lineage, old and complete souls, those seeking faith, those that walk the song lines, Keepers of the Grail, carers, healers, those that wish to restore the Gardens of Eden, and hearts that connect with the Essenes to name but a few, but all will be touched by this beautiful essence.

With connections to the Dove of Peace and the Rose Lineage, this sacred essence adds softness for:

  • Rewriting the new. As the New Golden Dawn arrives, you can step into the Christed. Feminine/Masculine self and attune to the remembrance of unconditional love and grace as Heaven and Earth come together and the Garden of Eden flourishes once more.

  • Opening to the wisdom of the white flower, namely the lily that represents purity of heart and soul, innocence and humility.

  • Creating joy from pain with the inner body technology, inner waterways connecting with Mother Mary’s Eternal Flame That Transforms.

  • Attuning and connecting with fellow Blue Ray Starseeds, who are natural and skilled energy workers and alchemists. They hold the energy for our ascended planet Mother Gaia/Earth. As ‘Queen of Peace’ is a soul activator, these eternal droplets may enhance this soul group connection.

  • Welcoming the practice for Self of gentleness, kindness and acceptance in thought, word and action, creating ripples out into loved ones, the community and far out into the multi-verse.

  • Creating a sacred place or altar where you can ask the beautiful Queen of Peace your questions or be in a place of reflection.

  • Supporting you with integrating and anchoring more of the Christed Soul Light that you are.

  • Healing into wholeness and becoming empowered, balanced expression of unconditional love and devotion. (There may be old stories that you wish to clear and release).

  • Softening into the Queen of Peace’s embrace and complete stillness, where there are no polarities (as they have met in the middle). Feel the feminine Face of God/Source/Eternity who naturally emits this knowing from her ever faithful and immaculate holy heart field throughout all of creation.


General suggestions for how to use this sacred essence:

For an instant connection and energy top up:

Gently spray a mist of the essence approximately 6 -7 times into a M shape above the crown of your head as high as your arm will reach. As the droplets pass your nose, breathe them in towards your heart and visualise your heart expanding to meet the edges of your aura/energy field in a delicate gold-rose pink-sky blue and white colour.


For a deeper connection with the ‘Queen of Peace’ essence:

  • Take a few centering breaths and sink your awareness into your heart centre. Feel into where you feel the droplets would like to connect with your body. For example, this may be an anointing from the Queen of Peace, so be guided. It could be your feet, hands, the crown of head, and so on. Create a moment to feel how you want the energies of the droplets to assist you. For example, ‘I invite the purity of the white lily and the song from the nightingale into my energy field. Thank you’.

Or ‘I ask that I be held within the stillness of the Eternal Heart. Thank you’.

Or ’May I soften with acceptance for what is. Thank you.’

Or ‘May my womb chamber dream in the New Gardens of Eden, for the Highest Good of All. With grateful blessings.’

Or ’I ask for remembrance of what is sacred and not to be feared anymore in all dimensions of reality, and so it is.

Say out loud how you want the droplets to assist you (i.e. Use your intention/prayer/invocation as in the examples above.)

  • Either spray a crown shape above your head, breathing the droplets in as they pass your nose.

Or, alternatively, spray an inward spiral shape in front of your heart and walk through the shape and back again (so that the droplets reach the back of your heart).

  • For a whole auric immersion: Spray above your head into the soul star chakra, breathe in as the droplets pass your nose and sweep the rest of the droplets around the whole of your body, lifting each foot, sweeping the energy upwards past your spine, so that you are creating a circle of these droplets within the whole of your energy field. After you sweep over the top of your head, bring your hands together on your heart.

  • Pause to receive the peace-filled, divine energy and guidance. Allow the subtle vibrations to be within you. Move your body, or sing, if you feel guided to.

  • You may want to spray this water memory at places of meaning for you, or you may wish to spray each foot before you step out of your bed, or spray around your whole body (in the morning or before you sleep), or spray on crystals, around flowers, the garden, or around a room before singing with friends.

  • This essence can be used to complement quiet contemplation, ceremony, self-love ceremonies, meditation, reflection, ‘wombmen’ circles, inner enquiry, or creating vows, prayers, healing treatments, flower arrangements and flower gardens, sound expression, breathwork, sacred bath time and treatments. It can also be used to support heart expansion and heart ignition or moments of wanting to be held in a field of beauty, compassion and love. 

The above are only guidelines. Follow what your inner guidance and intuition share with you, radiate your heart fields daily, and follow the love frequency to connect with the unified field of love. Allow your days to be days in high vibration.


Vibrational Contents and Ingredients

Each 100ml bottle contains:

  • Pure water from Dartmoor and glacial alcohol as a preservative.

  • Waters collected from the House of Mary near Ephesus on Mount Nightingale.

Cosmic Occasion for the Collection of the Water Essence: Collected after a Full Harvest Moon and a Draconids Meteor Shower on a 10 -10 Portal Day.

Fragrance: Less than 1% of the oils of White Lily, Rose, Lily of the Valley, and Apple.

Further Information or Advice

If you would like further information or advice on the ‘Queen of Peace Water Memory’, please do not hesitate to contact us.



£20.00 per 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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