Nature's Gifts For The Whole of You 

Relax, Restore, Repair and Recharge yourself with healing and holistic treatments by the sea.....

I am so happy to be offering vibrational treatments Using crystals, sound instruments, voice, breath, high vibrational essences and the ancient art of healing this can assist with improved health, positive transformations and deep relaxation.


Within the nurturing therapy environment, know that what ever comes through will be exactly what you need in that moment and is delivered through the effective and powerful vibration of Love, Energy and Sound.

Many times, I witness people, in almost awe as they have received these powerful vibrations. It does not matter what you are thinking at the time, the mind switches off, and the body reaches deep states of relaxation allowing it to change, heal and balance itself. The vibrations from the therapies will reach and find exactly where they are meant to go, this can create peace, feeling well and on occasion a transformation or shift (if that is needed).

Sometimes, the sounds can create slight discomfort as the transformations occur, feeling emotional may happen as the vibrations tune in on an aspect that needs healing or changing.

By and large, you will feel deeply relaxed, sleep better in the few days that follows and generally feel better too.

Treatments are available either at my location in Down Thomas, Devon or can be held in your home if preferred. (Please note home visits may incur additional costs to cover travelling).

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