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Hi Pippa.  Here is the feedback as promised.

I have used the Sun spray at Healing Weekends as a quick and effective way of clearing and lifting the energy of the healing space, in between working with each client, and also on myself for added protection and energy.
At present I am using Ocean Spray which is helpful with working on my shadow self and with clearing past negative experiences and emotions. 
I make regular trips across the Channel by ferry and always feel queasy even when the sea is calm. Last year I used the Ocean spray before the crossing (both ways) and felt no queasiness whatsoever! Love and Light


Janet, Somerset

DIVINE - Gentle and high vibrational gold and pink spray, lightening up the auric field, sprinkling magic into the heart, nurturing at the core of one’s being, dispelling any clustered emotions and turning negativity into gold dust. Great for ancestral wounding healing.


Alla, London

I have brought PipEssence OCEAN with me since I’m on the ocean LOL!! I Love it!! I use it often, probably 3 or 4 times if I can a day – I find it totally resets how I feel. Been using it when I get up and before bed to clear the space and me.


Diane, Scotland

I have to say how uplifted I feel by using the high energy droplets of the SUN PipEssence. I’m using it every day and it’s become part of my life now.


Pauline, Devon

PipEssence Divine comes into its own Pip!.  I feel it gives me massive inner strength and calm xxx (breast cancer early stages, surgery and reconstructive surgery and possible radiotherapy)


JB, Wiltshire

I brought the Evolution Essence from you last Christmas and have loved it ever since. The bottle is almost finished now.


Kate, Devon

I chose STAR as I feel that we are all stars in our own way and that we should shine brightly as we can! The connection was there for me. I use Star in the mornings once I am ready to start my day. I form an arch as suggested from shoulder to shoulder. It makes me feel Happy, Special and Strong. I feel much more positive with it and believe it is good value for money. Thank you PipEssence.


Ruth, Somerset

EVOLUTION chose me. I have personally spoken with Dr. Masuru Emoto and totally understand the concept of water and vibration signature. Evolution has a beautiful smell with a note of lime to it. I have made the intention to move forward with my life. I feel I will be drawn back into service soon and return to helping others heal themselves.


Annette, Somerset

I brought ‘Sun’ absolutely gorgeous! The best Vibrational spray I’ve ever had…..


Catherine Truscott, Wiltshire

Thank you, your GOLD essence is wonderful. I’ve been using it daily as part of my morning prayer practice and I find it’s excellent got centring me and giving me a greater sense of being grounded while lifting my vibration to meet the experiences of the day. I am thrilled with it, thank you for creating it.”  - Much Love and Angel Blessings


Sue, Hampshire

The Gold Essence. We had been searching for the right place to live and had quite a few obstacles to overcome. It almost seemed an impossible task. I started to use the Gold essence as a way to focus and manifest our dream. Finally and very quickly the right place turned up and within a few days we had bought a beautiful piece of land. Our dream came true.


Lynda, Devon

I have been using ‘Ocean’ as part of my meditation and yoga practice. The soothing fragrance is immediately calming and relaxing, and has enabled me to receive deep insights. Being a water sign I have a great connection with the sea, and OCEAN PipEssence helps me feel close even though I live inland-locked countryside. Thank you Pippa for creating this amazing range.


Kate, Wales

Thanks so much for the FeLion blend which you recently recommended for Lola my cat. Lola suffers from anxiety and can loose fur from overgrooming. I have sprayed the blend as suggested and created a relaxing environment which smells beautiful x


Jo, West Midlands

I use my GOLD essence every day. I incorporate it with a ritual of mine. I shower first thing then spray the GOLD and add frankincense to my wrists.


Garry, Wales

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