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Pippa Handley-Cooke

Pippa Handley-Cooke

The essences are spiritually based in their content, mainly using water from sacred wells from the UK and worldwide such as 'The White & Red Spring' wells in Glastonbury, Somerset, and the sacred cenote in Chichen Itza in Mexico. It is important to understand you do not have to have any spiritual beliefs for the essence's to help you, you only need to want them to help by setting your personal 'intention' and allowing each of the essence's unique energies to work.

To read more about the PipEssence story please click here, or for information on all of the essence's individual properties please click here.

As a vibrational practitioner, intuitive healer and Spiritual teacher from 2005, my pathway led me to the creation of PipEssence in 2017. Each bottle is induvidually handmade and infused with natures gifts that pulse out positive vibrations. From crystals, to sound frequencies, with some holding flower infusions, and all hold loving prayers to help you.


Each essence has a beautiful, subtle, and delicate scent, whilst the holistic, natural energy connects with you and your 'Energy'. This in turn for example, can bring through feelings of beauty, being refreshed and vitalised, empowerment, balance and optimisim.

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