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Heart & Soul Range

Heart And Soul Range Essences

These four sprays links in very much with Ancient times and the vibration and the ‘Remembering’ that each place holds. Three of the water memories has been abroad to store the energy from these special places. In turn, this supports heart coherence and connecting with the Soul through the physical body vessel. To help you with qualities of connectivity with the Archangels, Magic with Goddess Isis, Diamond Light Energy with Lemurian Light or you can connect with your Soul in a deeper way.  

Atalantis Angels

Atlantis Angels

The Atlantis Angels essence can provide support for cleansing and transformation and is also a powerful tool for those on the Reiki path, as it supports...More

Isis Temple

Isis Temple

This natural remedy from the Lady of 10,000 names encourages you energetically through the adventures and challenges of life. These pure vibrations from her temple on Philae, Egypt.... More..

Lemurain Light

Lemurian Light

The Eternal Well

The Eternal Well

This natural remedy stores the vibration known as Light Language of Thoth the Divine Scribe. Light language is a multidimensional language that is understood by all on a Soul level.... More

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