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Cosmic Moments Range

Cosmic Moments All Essences

The Cosmic Moment range, is  a range of essences that includes the water memory from sacred places around our beautiful planet Earth, this The High vibrations that these water memories hold, include sacred site energy and occasions in our Comos such as Solar eclipse or a Supermoon. Combined with helpful and healing vibrations from beautiful crystals, resonant sound frequencies and some include intelligence from the flowers too. Each blend of vibration brings through different types of energy such as empowerment and vitality from the Sun PipEssence or feeling abundant and nourished with the purposefully timed with events in the skies such as a Super Moon or a Cardinal Cross. This in turn means that the supportive energies outside of our planet, vibrationally has been included.


The Moon essence can be incredibly relaxing, beneficial for calming the days energies and contributing towards....More


The Sun essence is a powerful natural remedy designed to help individuals revive, thrive, and shine throughout the day. This energising essence contains crystal vibrations that work in....More



The Gold essence has the ability to tap into higher aspects and qualities such as self-reliance and responsibility. It is believed to bring nourishment and....More


The Evolution essence is a natural remedy for those who want a point of focus because of change, whilst restoring their body and spirits, in an uplifting and refreshing manner....More



This natural essence is about tapping into the wisdom of the animal kingdom, especially that of the cat family ....More

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