Nature's Gifts For The Whole of You 

The Awakening Range


We have so much to be grateful for from our ancestors as they lived their lives to the best of their ability in order to bring us to the here and now. 

They faced many challenges ... More


This energising essence holds the empowering flow from 
the new spectrum of Light and solar codes 
which pours onto our Earth that in turn ... More


Transcendence celebrates its energy codes of moving into 
the Aquarian Age, the beginning of 
a new era and way. As the next few years acts like a ... More

Unicorn Moon

This beautiful essence is inspired by the qualities that 
the unicorn represents positivity, freedom, hope, 
innocence and healing. I also ... More


Crystal Skulls have been around and in peopleā€™s awareness 
for many centuries, and personally within 
my radar since the Golden Age of Atlantis. It is interesting ... More