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The PipEssence Story

“Everyone should consider his/her body as a priceless gift from whom he/she loves above all, a marvellous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it” 


Nikola Tesla

At the heart of PipEssence shines the belief that nature’s water memory and wellness are fully interwoven with each another. Each holding the potential for connective and positive change as the droplets deliver new information and vibrations into personal spaces (aura/ energy field, we like to call them an energy bubble) and favourite places of work or rest.

All the bottles are hand made with different types of energy vibrations added to the water memory. Examples of these ‘layered’ vibrations can include crystals, sacred sites, flowers, sound and for some there has been an occasion in the cosmos suchas an eclipse. These natural energies together can facilitate great healing on all levels from within the body, to inter and intra- relationships creating positive changes that are often unexpected.

There is an added dimension of the droplets being open to setting an intention which can then assist you on their path of self-discovery and holistic health. As you spray the droplets overhead, this creates a shimmer of energy that lands in your field that surrounds your physical body, as you become updated and nourished with the new information and vibrations. Often a key to the gateway within is the finishing note received via the scent.

For many, this water medicine can facilitate great healing and support, from both outside and within the body. This can include feeling accomplished and rejuvenated, heightened awareness, and deepened connections with the mind, body and soul. This in turn can bring about a shift an upliftment, as the droplets connect. Your electromagnetic field bubble (also has been known as aura, subtle body, biosphere, or four body system) feeds you with the pure energy of Source. This energy bubble that surrounds all of us has a direct line to the chakras, the spinning energetic wheels that in turn correspond to nerve bundles, major organs and the important overall wellbeing of the physical body. If the bubble around you is low energy (a bit like having a big sieve around you, that is letting energy out and in), this in turn can affect you in a draining way, and so the water memory of the PipEssence blends assist with the realigning, retaining, the health and flow of your personal energy bubble.

These droplets also help your relationships (with self and others) and all energy work (teaching, leading workshops,

attunement(s), therapy sessions, card readings, crystal grid layouts, online groups and meetings, even some of the essences compliment physical exercise) that may impact you. Your bubble maintenance is essential as you may at times feel vital energy draining from you, or negative energy impacting on you, so keeping your bubble clear and aligned is vital. It takes daily

practice to really know what your energy is like and how it feels, what is yours and what is from another person or the collective field of energy, you can see the ripple effect? This photo below is a good example of a centred and peaceful

bubble of energy looks like.

Water Meditation

Each PipEssence combination of vibrational energy is created with lots of Love, conscious awareness with a vision to assist people in evolving with health, happiness, freedom and feeling accomplished. Basically want to help. The cobalt blue glass bottles honours and holds the water memory molecules in a happy place, as it aligns to the true nature of water. This creates the perfect environment for the highest frequency for your chosen intentions to come through.

These vibrational tools are portable and using these droplets will help to reveal the reality of who you truly are. PipEssence can also be viewed as an energetic friend who support you in a positive manner and boost you up when there may be moments when you could do with some vibrational support. Each PipEssence bottle contains droplets from a ‘Mother Blend’ this is the unique creation which holds the original water memory of vibration. ‘Water Memory’ means that the original water source has stored the molecular properties to reproduce the different layers of vibration. With PipEssence, the water has been asked to retain a memory that it has been exposed to such as crystals, flowers or moonlight.


The water comes from different well sites such as the ancient, open and wild landscape of Dartmoor in Devon or the heart and Goddess energies from the White Spring in Glastonbury. With preserving the vibrations in glacial alcohol (plant options are available) the finishing touch to each hand made bottle includes a subtle scented note. All the essences are then sealed with heart- love and blessings to aid with nourishing the whole of you.


Some examples of what the droplets share includes, the new Light wave spectrum, the resonating sound harmonics and frequencies, the rainbow energy from the crystals, the plant intelligence from the flower infusions, the grounding earth wisdom or the infinite connectivity with the cosmos. Each PipEssence water memory holds its own incredible and unique journey of creation.

Introduction to the PipEssence Ranges


The Cosmic Moment Range

Each of these has visited a sacred site, whether Glastonbury, Mauritius, a healing cenote in Mexico, or maybe it is infused with the mystical energies within the prehistoric stone circles in Avebury. There are 7 blends of energies to choose from and if you are new to Energy medicine,

I would recommend this range as a great place to start. Look at the bottles together and see or

feel which label calls out to you first, the very first one before any thoughts or the mind comes in.

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The Heart and Soul Range

These 4 PipEssence blends hold the vibrations to assist with heart healing and expansion and connecting with the higher aspects of your Soul. From our beloved Goddess of Love and Magic dear Isis and Her temple on Philae in Egypt to the elemental energies of Leysin in Switzerland, are some of the places where this water memory comes from. Again, take a breath and see which ones of the 4 jump out for you. If choosing a gift, you can dowse for someone, or maybe try putting your palm over the images and see if any give a sensation like heat or tingling. This range is here to assist you to experience the power of the heart, unconditional and limitless love and to drink in the ancient- future soul wisdom.

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The New Earth Range

From upper, middle or lower, these 7 essences can act like a deluxe servicing for you and your energy wellness, as each brings through incredible complementary support. From joy and openness for the upper crown chakras, to scared heart field connections and openings from Avalon to the reassurance, grounding and stability from the Sacred Oak. This range is here to assist in embracing new beginning, moving forward with a new zest and bringing in the balancing nature vibration

into the home.

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The Awakening Range

6 high vibrational blends are here to assist you in stepping into a new hologram of you, where these droplets assist you in shifting to a higher level and lighter way of being (like dancing, being out in nature or listening to one’s favourite music). These water codes hold new rays of light, from a new spectrum of conscious awareness. See or feel which blend calls out to you, or the name itself will reveal enough. This liquid Light is to beautify your energy, help you live your highest purpose, for nourishing and energising the natural electromagnetic flow of you, whilst assisting with its healthy brightness and expansion.

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The Temple Range

The Temple Range

To connect openly, tenderly and honestly with the many beautiful Temples that reside in our bodies, in turn brings through harmony, dialogue and trust. As we continue to move through potent times, this essence range is here to support you through via the water memory alchemy, to bring your-self home with truth, stillness and heart wisdom.

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PipEssence is delighted and honoured to bring the water memory energy to you. We recommend that you use the bottle each day to connect with the energies before you increase the number of sprays.


If used every day, each 100ml bottle will easily last a whole season. Some PipEssence customers even use the water memory as an alternative to a perfume or a pulse stick. Be inventive and have plenty of fun with these PipEssence droplets. We would love to hear from you in how these droplets are used in your life.


You can also hold the bottle to sense the energy it contains, place the bottle next to your water glass or spray the energy in all the environments you use, including the bed, bath, where you read or spraying on ley lines, or crystals or during outdoor celebrations such as Beltane or Solstice.


Each PipEssence is like a building block of energy that contributes towards the healing and optimising of you, that in turn moves toward a community and dimensional shift towards a world that is aligned with true and authentic people living their purpose, with peace, love, freedom and abundance for All.

Water is so incredible, and to think that we are made up mostly from this sacred life-giving substance!!

Welcome to Water Memory Wellness.

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