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An sample of just some of the testimonials received from customers

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I used your Ocean essence yesterday and it felt so perfect. Thank you. It is just what we need in this sweltering heat, your Ocean blend has such cooling and soothing properties, it brings you back to centre and allows your energy to flow beautifully.

Clea Gompels

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Isis Temple

Connected with Isis again after a long break. I had the best night’s sleep in 2 years, and my third eye and imagination has opened up again.

Eileen Long

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Lemurian Light

It is a very magical essence you have ben guided to and have so beautifully anchored into the physical realm. Thank you for your gentle heart, being open to receive these subtle promptings and Divine timings that ensured you were in the right place at the right time to work with the magical little white star shaped flower that appeared. It’s a beautiful story of creation and we are blessed by this Lemurian purity and simplicity you have encoded into the Lemurian Light essence spray. It smells Divine and takes me to the shore and fresh air in an instant!  Much Love,

Leanne (Co- creator of the Lemurian – Starchild Oracle).

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I would like to say thank you for this beautiful spray. I must say it is very uplifting and magical.

Rachel Perris

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It’s very beautiful. It warms me from the inside and immediately put me in a better state of being. I do heart meditations and when I use it, it is easier to get into the heart. I have been fasting for a few days now and some feelings about resentment have come up and DIVINE helped me with that too.


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Your essence Togetherness is perfect for anyone working with crystal skulls and for so so so much more. I love what qualities it brings through of connection, unity with all things and beings. It is totally awesome and feels different to the other essences I have tried from your beautiful range. Thank you so much 

Clea Gomplels Creator of the Wisdom of the Crystal Skulls Oracle.

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I feel this supportive and Loving essence. It really feels like you are calling in your ancestors when you spray these beautiful droplets around you. It is like a clarion call to bring the loving presence of souls who are holding space for us on the other side of the veil. This essence is an absolute Godsend for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Wrap yourself in a blanket of peace and love when you use these droplets by PipEssence.

Terre Andromeda

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I use Ocean when doing a crystal healing and to cleanse the crystals. These products are all amazing. If in doubt try and you will not be disappointed.


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Avalon Gateway

I was in Glastonbury a month or so ago and my guides told me to go into a shop because there was an essence in there which I needed to buy before I went up the Tor. So I went inside and found Avalon Gateway spray. I knew straight away that was what I needed. Then when I went up the Tor, I used this spray and went into the realm of Avalon. I was met by a beautiful being who gave me heling and a beautiful activation.


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Lemurian Light

When I experienced Lemurian Light, I saw a person spinning round within a diamond and together this was giving off so much more light. My vision then went outwards where I saw this spinning (like a Mer-Ka-Ba) diamond, then to be surrounded by trees a circle of them. I saw Light move around and out of my body and was amazed that the trees came like sentinel support and helping me ground this energy. I saw crystal in my hand and this then attracted the insect world to me. Such beautiful energy, amazing !!

Angela C – Natures Messages

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Resilience and Grandmother Beech

Thankyou, I am being supported beautifully throughout, and once I started to emerge the support of many energetic structures such as your sublime water essences have done a sterling job of holding me, enabling me to emerge fully, whilst lightening and bringing energetic wisdom from their source and unique field into my being. Incredible.

I am so grateful.

Janet Treloar – Channel for Zacsportal

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I brought the Ocean PipEssence and it has helped me so much with my hot flushes. I use it first thing in the morning, and it calms me. I also use it last thing at night, and it soothes my mind and body for sleep.

Theresa Richards

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Gold and Ocean

Wow! I am so thrilled to welcome these energies into my home today. In the crystal grid I have created, I am letting the Gold and Ocean energies merge and balance each other, so that the Golden Chrust Light/ Cosmic Light ( as Above) becomes anchored into the Ocean/ the water of our physical bodies (So Below). Thank you dear Pippa for the magic that you create with these sprays. I am so looking forward to working with, being supported by and co- creating with these beautiful and Divine essences.

Lovisa Alvtorn - Ascension Guide

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The Eternal Well

I truly enjoyed the benefits of your beautiful and affirming transformative essence. It was very helpful as part of my own process.

Judy Satori – Energy Healer, author and teacher

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I was drawn to try ‘FeLion’ as my 18 year old cat Milo is still with me but in Spirit, since 3 years enabled a clear connection with Milo and I felt his presence and love which brought a tear to my eye. He was able to communicate with me and reassure me he is always with me. The essence feels super magical and light.

Leanne Blessed Journeys

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Evolution was so good. It enhanced my life and soul purpose. Sure worked wonders over the course of 3-6 months.

Bel Lockett

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Rainbow Light

How extraordinary that you brought this essence to me today. The trauma and upset was there to be released. I am more clear – there were aspects to be released, the Rainbow Light found it and cleared it. Wow Pippa, the sparkles are expanding within my being. 

Julie Hawker

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Priestess Rose

When I was first sprayed with Priestess Rose, the energy stayed with me for hours! I could smell roses all the way home in the car. I feel the energetic impact is enormous for me, and through my work I have been helping clients bring the shadow up to the Light for healing for years. With the energetic signature of Priestess Rose, I feel that my work might develop and shift int bringing more softness and femininity to my clients. This is Profound.

Mona Diaz – Regression Therapist and Hypnotherapist

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Sacred Oak

I am very much appreciating the Sacred Oak blend. It’s essence and energies does feel particularly submerged in the seasonal mood of longer, darker nights and crispy turning leaves. It has been lovely to spray around my shrine as an offering and to spray gathered leaves and precious reminders from nature’s table. It helps to induce a sense of greater connection in a widening mandala of all things. It’s also great to fragrance the air from blown out candle smoke.

Kathy Lloyd

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Divine, Atlantis Angels & The Eternal Well

Loving my essences. All very different in their energy. Still going for Divine as my morning connection with Gaia, stabilises me and sets me up for the day. Then use Atlantis Angels to connect me with my team when I start work. I use Eternal Well at bedtime to allow the authentic me to rebuild and replenish while I sleep so that each day, I start a better version of me.

Rebecca Millar – Vibrational Therapist

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I always use PipEssence Moon spray – which smells amazing! To help me connect with my feelings and release anything that no longer serves me on the full moon. I wouldn’t be without it now.

Stephanie Miller – Life Aligned Kinesiology

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