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A natural remedy for those who want a point of focus because of change, whilst restoring their body and spirits, in an uplifting and refreshing manner.


For a healthy response during the times in your life where there is a lot of change, Evolution has been designed to assist you in being present and centred when there is lots going on around you. The Evolution Essence delivers a stabilising spray of intended vibrations for providing direction for personal growth and cellular healing (Faden Quartz), an imprint of all sacred geometry design (Star Tetrahedron Quartz, or Mer-Ka- Ba). Evolution is an encouraging Essence that can be used throughout the day with uplifting Lime and nourishing multivitamin for your body and energetic fields.


Suggestions for Use:

To assist whilst moving home, town, school or country

For use during personal development (Self-care practice of being present, feeling self- assured, more grounded, being at a cross road, meditation or visualisation)

As an environment boost (car, room, place of the moment)

Use before going for a walk (for inspiration) in nature or to connect with the energies of sacred geometry or vortex movement.


How to Use:

Gently tilt the bottle and tap the underneath three times and take a pause to think and feel how you want the spritz to assist you. Hold the art work to your heart centre whilst you do this. Mirroring the spiral of the artwork, from the outside - inwards spray a spiral from left to right, finishing at the centre of your heart. (approx. 5 Sprays). With your free hand, sweep the droplets about your body in the direction(s) of your choice. If you wish to experience the scent, spray a spiral shape overhead, take a deep breath inwards as the droplets move downwards.



Each 100ml bottle contains Avalon well water and glacial alcohol.

Gem Vibrations: Faden Quartz, Tachyon (external), Natural Exmoor Quartz, Star Tetrahedron Quartz

Sound Frequency: Connection

Cosmic Occasion: Scorpio Full Moon

Fragrance: Lime

Other: Water collecting memory and energy at a Natural Vortex Site in Mauritius. Multi Vitamin


Further Information or advice:

If you would like further information or advice on the Evolution Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.



£20.00 per 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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