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Grandmother Beech

This encouraging water memory comes from this Elder, who is over four hundred years old. She shares Her unconditional Love, gentleness and generous flows with us, so that we may also connect with the New networks that She has always been connected with. She carries such resourcefulness, faith and wisdom and shares such knowing with ease and grace. Grandmother Beech wants to help us open our hearts even wider and understand the bigger picture, often revealing the way ahead and assisting us in feeling and experiencing wholeness along the way.

A tree found by chance (or Divinely guided) whilst carrying a quartz star Elven, which is not a surprise as this Beech tree really connects with the star energy and brings this through to our hearts before reaching the sacredness of our Sacral Chakra before being shared through our Earth Star Chakra in with Mother Earth.

Grandmother Beech naturally, connects and shares an open dialogue with the stars, fellow trees and the heartbeat of our planet. This Queen of the woods also reveals the true power of peace and integrity in a very tranquil manner.

She invites you to rest, in Her embrace so that you too can receive the energetics to more forward when ready and shine and be.

This tree is so wide, even one of her branches could be a tree of its own. With various characteristics around Her whether facing North, South, East or West, each cardinal direction shares a different part of her, whether it be markings on Her bark that could be Tree Hieroglyphics or symbols. Or the soft green moss on the Northside, or the remnants of fire where our species thought it would be amusing to set her alight! Yet regardless this tree adapts and survives and continues to thrive (sounds familiar?). Grandmother Beech has tremendous feet showing, and in places visible root system, whilst in parts her bark is so silvery grey and smooth to touch. This tree often reminds me of Elephants, another community driven animal that is so sensitive and heart led.

Four sacred waters were combined including from the foot well of this gentle giant of a tree. Before being placed inside with her overnight. Surely at 19:07 as this evening moved into the 7-7 (7th July) portal energies. Together with dragon Quartz(s) and a piece of her inner bark as camouflage. The following morning, when collecting the water memory, there was incredible stillness everywhere apart from the sovereign heart song from the Gold Crest bird.

The essence is finished with light scented notes of Hyssop, Myrtle and Linden Tree Blossom.

With prayers and intentions Grandmother Beech supports:

  • you to stand tall in the power of your Love and walk a new way.

  • an expansion of the qualities of deep peace, faith and trust.

  • the wisdom in resting and creating time to be.

  • a revealing for the way ahead, and an understanding of the bigger picture.

  • soft, calm and balanced energy for activating the new chakras for expansion.

  • sacred practices and rites of connecting with the pure vibration of potent and transformational Love.

  • a deepening relationship with the star, Cosmos and Light technology energy.

  • Openings new networks of the Now Earth and co-creating a New grid.

I am truly grateful to the trees who continue to connect in such magical and gentle ways, to Phillippe Ullens of the Henge Shop Avebury for the creation of the Star Elvens and to Colin Kingshott a fellow vibrational practitioner who is kindly going to record the song of this tree.


General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

 For an instant connection and Energy top up: Spray a mini rainbow shape of Grandmother Beech at the soul star chakra (as far as your arm will reach above the crown of your head), as the droplets fall, breathe the droplets into your body towards your heart, as they pass your nose. Sweep any other droplets towards your heart.

For a deeper connection with Grandmother Beech:

  • Take a few centred breathes and sink your awareness into your heart centre. Create a moment to feel how you want the energies of the droplets to assist.

  • Tap the bottle three times underneath to connect with the energy droplets.

  • Say out aloud how you want the droplets to assist (your intention) For example, ‘I ask for these droplets to assist me with recovering ancient knowledge that I carry within’. Or ‘Grandmother Beech I ask you to share your encouraging codes for the way ahead, and me reach for the Stars’. Or alternatively,’ I ask the Queen of the woods to assist me in speaking my truth with true power and from a place of integrity. Thank you, thank you, thank you and so it is’.

  • Spray three times above the head, allow these droplets to fall and breathe them inwards. Then spray a tree shape (using your arms as branches) towards your heart, before spraying downwards towards your feet and the ground. If there are any past aspects spray either behind, you or spray the tree shape and walk backwards into the droplets.

  •   Alternatively, spray above the crown, you can also sweep the energy droplets down the front of the body, lift each foot individually (pause here and spray once on the sole of the foot) and then sweep the droplets with intention up the back of the body, to create a whole circuit of energy within your own body sphere.

  • Alternatively, take Grandmother Beech out on a nature walk and connect the droplets with fellow tree that may want healing, or to connect with the elementals. This is the perfect ally to accompany any outside meditation or self-care practices (just be aware of the natural wind flow and direction).

  • Pause to receive the energy and any messages, prompts, knowing(s).

  •  This water energy is supportive for inner journeying, connecting with the ‘Wood wide web’, Elder Tree wisdom and all the loving energies that Grandmothers share unconditionally.

  • This nurturing energy also fully supports ‘Starseeds’ with heavenly Light filled connections with the stars and the cosmos.

  • This energy is incredibly supportive as you walk a new path.

  • Have fun and play with how you can choose to use these droplets.

  • As always, follow your own intuition and only take what resonates with you.


Vibrational Contents & Ingredients

Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol as a preservative.

Water memory from: from Red Spring, Dartmoor, Priestess Well and rainfall collected from Grandmother Beech’s roots.  

Sound Frequency: Gold Crest.

Crystal Vibrations: Star Elfin Jasper and Quartz and Dragon Quartz.

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Hyssop, Myrtle and Linden Tree Blossom.

Created inside this Beech Tree over the 7-7 portal day facing 33 degrees North- East witnessed by nature’s elementals and sentinels.

Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on the Grandmother Beech  Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.



£20.00 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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