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This energising essence holds the empowering flow from the new spectrum of Light and solar codes which pours onto our Earth that in turn brings through experiences and feelings of physical energy, positivity and emitting the brilliance that is inside of us. I am delighted that this vibrational medicine is here to connect and ignite your sacred heart fire and wisdom.


To experience the sunniness of this energy is comparable to when we are with people, animals or situations that brings us laughter, miracle moments and joy.

These droplets also act like a personal motivational trainer, in sharing the ‘zing’ of change and excitement that literally moves you from one state of being into a higher state with wisdom and awareness. As the livening water energy creates a dazzling effect within your energy field and environment.


I would like to share that the night before the essence was created, I had a dream where Ascended Master and Elohim ‘Apollo’ visited me, prompting to be involved in the energy creation of this essence and so His presence was called on and his artwork stayed with the water memory for the duration. Researching him afterwards, I was total awe of his abilities that includes, he represents the Sun (and can be called on through the sun’s rays). He is recognised for his masculine beauty, and the expression of Arts, music and poetry. Apollo also represents the sacred fire and Divine Ray of the higher mind and enlightenment. He is also known to be a guardian of Christ Consciousness.

The 3 sources of water memory used for Illumination comes from Avalon and Avebury (both popular places for the Spiritual Pilgrim) these were combined on the portal day of 12th December. This holds magic number of 33 and shares that ‘all things are possible’. This high vibrational number also noted as a reminder of the connections to Divine Source and the Ascended Masters.


If 33 is reduced to a single figure this naturally becomes 6. One of the natural quartz’s picked up on the morning pup walk that day had etchings on the bottom that looked like roman numerals and X and V which equals 15. (numerical number 6) – you can see the beautiful synchronicities of this essence unfolding here to the power of 3. The waters charged by the 12-12 energies, the activation of a solar eclipse that brings through an opportunity for rapid growth in consciousness and true life-force. From the night sky the water memory also includes a Geminids Meteor shower vibration, contributing their wonderment of energy and potential for change.


A flower infusion from 3 red campions were included in this water memory, for the connections to soul wisdom and inspiration. The pink colour was present throughout the local countryside and coastline all year round, reminding us of our pure, divine perfection and the links to universal love.


The crystal vibrations included sunstone, goldstone, bridging and natural quartz. These were selected to add the vibrations of physical stamina, freedom, and expanded consciousness and naturally the yang properties. The bridging Quartz was placed in the South West direction of the Solar Eclipse, with the Roman numeral natural quartz.

The sound frequency included with the Illumination water was the 333 hertz representing balance, power and love.


The scented notes of Camphor and Cypress for the mind clearing, focus and purifying properties.

Like the presence of a great illuminator, ‘Buddha’, we naturally carry the potential to reach higher levels of being and mind. With compassion, wisdom and practices that enable these Light codes to be remembered, shared and realised.


With prayers and intentions Illumination supports:


  • you with a resource fuel that feeds your frequency.

  • an awareness for emotional patterns revealing for upliftment. i.e., anger into physical energy.

  • an expansion of your inner strength, your creative and sexual energy and how to shine from within.

  • re-igniting the sacred fire Light that is within your heart.

  • receiving of freedom and liberty codes from the photonic light, facilitating your brilliance.

  • an alignment of the sacred heart’s wisdom with the mind’s inspirations.

  • to experience the yang energy and sacred masculine awareness of Apollo, Yeshua and Buddha.

  • to receive the liquid light plasma flow for your internal and external temple.

  • to connect with the new Light spectrum, the solar Christed activators and the Great Central sun.


Naturally, I am incredibly grateful to Elohim Apollo for connecting with me during dreamtime and for his guidance, supporting strength, healing abilities and his wise presence.


General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

Ideally use in the morning and during day light hours.

For an instant connection and Energy top up: Spray illumination three times at the soul star chakra (as far as your arm will reach above the crown of your head), as the droplets fall, breathe the droplets into your body towards your heart, as they pass your nose. Sweep any other droplets towards your heart and stomach area.

For a deeper connection with Illumination:


  • Take a few centred breathes and sink your awareness into your heart centre. Create a moment to feel how you want the energies of the droplets to assist.

  • Tap the bottle three times underneath to connect with the energy droplets.

  • Say out aloud how you want the droplets to assist (your intention) For example, ‘ I call on Buddha to share the qualities of compassion and wisdom with me today’. Or ‘I ask for physical energy to come into my inner and outer temple, thank you and so it is.’

  • Spray from shoulder to shoulder in an arch shape, including the Soul Star chakra/ energy point, and allow the droplets to fall, taking a big breath in when you feel the droplets pass your nose, and visualise the natural vibrations touching all your cells, chakras, spine, higher heart, and mind.

  • You can also sweep the energy droplets down the front of the body, lift each foot individually and then sweep the droplets with intention up the back of the body, to create a whole circuit of energy in your temple space.

  • Alternatively, spend time in meditation and visualise or feel a flame within your heart space growing larger and brighter.

  • Pause to receive the energy and any messages, prompts, knowing(s).

  • You may want to spray Illumination around your body and head before an exam, an interview, or all forms of physical exercise.

  • This energy is also incredibly supportive for those who may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the long nights of wintertime. Suggested to keep by the bed and spray when waking.

  • Recharge and feel motivated and embrace the day!


Vibrational Contents & Ingredients:

Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol and red shisho

Water memory from: Red Spring, Swallow Spring, White Spring

Sound Frequency: 333 Hertz

Crystal Vibrations: Sunstone, Goldstone Pyramid, Bridging, Natural and Dragon Quartz.

Flower Infusion: Silene Dioica & Latifolia

Occasion: Morning of 12-12 portal day, Geminids meteor shower and Solar Eclipse, until evening of 14-12 witnessed by the twinkling night sky.

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Camphor and Cypress.


Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on the Illumination Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.



£20.00 per 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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