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  • We have so much to be grateful for from our ancestors as they lived their lives to the best of their ability in order to bring us to the here and now. They faced many challenges and in turn has given us greater understanding of our history, compassion and great love. Currently however, many are experiencing death as they have to say goodbye to a loved family member, a neighbour, colleague or a friend. Collectively, we are moving and surviving through coping with the loss from death. Ancestors PipEssence droplets are here to support the process of saying goodbye and the different stages that people go through, by remembering them, honouring them and eventually accepting that they are no longer here and moving on.


    When my mum Pauline Ann Handley went over the rainbow to the Summerlands 18 months ago. This happened a few days before her birthday close to Hallows eve or Samhain. Surreptitiously, the 31st October has significance as it is considered the best time for connecting with the Ancestors as the veil between the worlds are the thinnest.


    It turns out that this PipEssence is a beautiful co-creation of Her loving energies and my facilitating the sacred promptings. On that morning, I received a very gentle nudge from mum into my awareness to create a water memory and ‘mother’ blend with the Dartmoor water. There is an agate sphere here at home which mum called ‘Shanti’ and it emits a deep peaceful vibration. There is also a handheld crystal bowl, that shares the ‘F note, which she used to play in every room of her home especially to the cats, crystals and plants. This heart frequency was played to the crystal sphere and water, with a yellow rose added, and taken up to the star garden. I was guided to place a grid of crystals around the water, with cardinal point crystals and the natural dragon quartz family. With loving gratitude and intention to connect with moon energies, the lid was placed over the water and left out during the night and the peaking of the Full ‘Blue’ Moon. I should say at this point, the last blue moon to fall on the 31st of October was in the same year of mum’s birth 1944.


    Like a rare jewel in the sky, a blue moon occurs on average every 2.7 years.