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  • A foundation of Four, to connect with the many mystical aspects that are linked with the beautiful Earth’s Heart Chakra. The water memory links in with the Red Spring at Chalice Well, Bride’s Mound close to the Levels, The Wessex Astrum where Avalon is part of the sacred geometry of the landscape (known as part of the Blade) and finally, the White spring whose source like the Red is from one of the caverns underneath the Tor. These sacred waters were combined on a portal 4.4.4 day. Further energy signatures from Rose and Tibetan Gold Quartz (Love and Colour ray) and the uplifting and opening tone of 444Hertz were added underneath a sun filled illuminating sky, where the land meets the sea.


    These sacred droplets can assist you with alchemy, healing, and pilgrimage quests of Avalon. Other Spiritual aspects that could be tapped into includes: Merlin & King Arthur, Divination, the Ley Lines (Dragons), The Goddess, The Fae, Lady of Avalon, The Otherworld, Joseph of Arimathea & the Holy Grail to name a few. This in turn can open to the transcendent visions and dreams of the heart. This potent and expanding blend directly connects with the Energy fields, from the upper Crown Chakras through to the tips of the toes, settling into the Spiritual Heart.


    Suggestions for Use:

    For use during personal development: heart expansion and inner awareness exercises, shamanic practices, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, ceremonies, rituals, lucid dreaming, visualisation, reflection, or intuitive work

    Professional examples: Use before and/ or after teaching or presenting a workshop or taking an exam or interview, to assist with maintain healthy boundaries, focus, and support energy when with a person or being online.

    Use as an environment spray for example over bed or desk, use over personal sacred space, or doorways to and from rooms or for a healing bath.

    Use before going for a walk-in nature, for connecting with plant devas and the animal and mineral kingdom and for earth healing practices and ceremonies.


    How to Use:

    Gently tap underneath the Avalon Gateway bottle 3 times and place one of your hands on your heart and intend how you want the droplets to assist you. (for example) ‘to bypass the linear mind into my heart space’ or ‘to witness the possibilities with the aspect of the Tor and the connectedness it receives and shares’. Let your intuition guide you with how to spray these sacred droplets. It is recommended to spray arch way shape from one shoulder to the other to include the Soul Star Chakra ( as far as your arm will stretch out, above the head) sweep the droplets around the whole of your body, front and back, lifting each foot, so that a whole new circuit of energy can be created. Please inhale deeply when you feel the droplets pass your face, so that the energies can reach the inside of you too.


    Vibrational Contents:

    Each 100ml Essence bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, red shisho and glacial vodka

    Water Memory: Bride’s Mound, Red &White Spring of Glastonbury, The Wessex Astrum

    Crystal Vibrations: Rose, Tibetan Gold Quartz

    Sound Frequency: 444 hertz tubular chime

    Portal Occasion: 4.4.4 Day

    Fragrance: (less than 1%) Bergamot, Helichrysum, Lemon Grass Essential Oil


    Further Information or advice:

    if you would like further information or advice on The Avalon Gateway Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Avalon Gateway

    100 Milliliters

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