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These nature beings have been with our planet since the beginning of time. They represent the inner kingdoms and the unseen realms, and as we lift our personal vibration in Love and kindness, they will appear and assist us more and more. These water droplets represent the Devic Kingdom of Fairies, Nature Spirits and Elementals.

They bring magic with them, and they feed our Sprits in feeling uplifted, feeling free, to breathe more deeply and be joyful as we move into the New. There is so much more to this realm than the Tinkerbells of this world or Queen Mab, in fact, many folk lore has a starring role from many of Nature’s elements and ambassadors.

They are here to assist us as we evolve and progress, to release the old and renew ourselves in closer harmony with Mother Nature and with one another and the animals of our Earth too.

Let the inspirational energy of Faery Flows assist you in touching the miracles and magic that they happily bring and share. Aligning fully in our hearts, mind and body with Nature, Earth and the original celestial beings of the Cosmos.


  • Water flows were collected from five places along the River Plym that flows down from an area steeped in folklore known as Dartmoor. Each collection of water flow represents different energetic qualities such as:

  • Stillness and tranquillity, where the river was so calm, gentle and transparent, the only aspect that drew my awareness were self-forming circles appearing on the surface of this river (representing the progressing journey that we are on)

  • Faery Cave, an outlet of water flowing through a tunnel- cave that had several guardians, and other nature beings living above the ground. A real haven for community and togetherness (and a delightful challenge to reach)!

  • Faery Waterfall, close to the cave these harmonious flows hold the spontaneous connections from the bounty of nature that surround here.

  • Wide Waterfall, Thunderous, energising, effervescent, bubbles negative helpful ions. This collection of water droplets represents the aspects of moving on with gusto, free falling, trusting and going with the flow.‘Come on let’s go!’

  • The Deep Green. Back to the stillness and gentle energy, absorbing the mirrored reflections of above from the vibrant bright moss green, lichen and tree energy from above, brought through by the golden diamond codes from the sun, as this energy gracefully flows and carries on towards the sea. This collection of water represents the depth of the Faery world, and how closely intwined they always are with ours.

These waters were then taken to Avebury where they received further Hawthorn Tree vibrations, Mother Earth codes, from this ancient Heart Star stone circle. Star Light codes (some from the Star Elven for the Faeries to ground below through the Beech tree roots), song octaves, freedom codes and grounding. The final stop for the waters was within a cliff garden by the sea where the elements presented themselves together with Solstice and an Ursid Meteor shower. The scented notes of Gardinia, Galbanum and a Fern medicine droplet from Hawaii create a heavenly portal doorway that brings through the highly sensual, green-earthy fragrance to assist with otherworldly and mysterious connections.


With Loving kindness and spoken intentions Faery Flows supports:

  • you consciously connecting with the Devic Kingdom of Faeries, Elemental Messengers, Nature Spirits and Ambassadors. Deepening relationships with Nature and Her seasonal changes.

  • a deepening and caring relationship with Mother Nature and Her natural beings known for their inspiration, play, magic and creation of the New.

  • helps you connect with those places that replenishes you and your body temple.

  • us to be free from the old ways tied up in the past, or from who we were or needed to be seen in a particular way. To become the creative New you!

  • to be fully in the body template and live a joyful life.

  • to renew, balance and purify our emotions, creating space within connecting with each of the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit.

  • to heighten our hearts, our senses and connections with Enchantment.

  • to catch glimpses of their paradise world and their high frequency through their cities, rings, landscapes and their above and below pathways.

  • to connect and be opened to other worlds such as with the Stones, plants, flowers, the herbs, animals (the ones they like of course) and their winged friends such as the owls and dragonflies to receive any wisdom and insights.

  • Enchanting and uplifting energy to add to Mediation shares, Nature walks (especially in the wild) and the places and spaces where Children (and the young at heart) come together at parties. This could include a treasure hunt, making Fairy cakes, storytelling, wand making and other fun and creative experiences.


See if any of these names jump out and are resonating with you as some of the Faery Representatives.

Asrai, Brownie, Bucca, Corrigan, Changeling, Dryad, Dwarf, Elemental, Elf, Faeries of the Future, The Faery Godmother, Fair Folk, Fates, Faun, The Gentry, Gnome, Good Folk, Guardian of the Gate, Gwyllion, Hobgoblin, Imp, Iris of the Rainbows, Jinni, Kappa, Kelpie, Laiste, Leprechaun, Lys of the Shadows,Master Maker, Naiad, Noor, Nymph, Penelope Dreamweaver, People of Peace, Peri, Pixie, Pook, Selkie, The Singers of Transfiguration, Sidhe, Sprite, Spriggan, Spirit Dancer, Sylph, Seelies and unseelies, Sylvanius, Urisk,. Undine, Wee folk, Witctlein to name a few.


Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on Faery Flows Essence please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Faery Flows For the Mind, Body & Spirit

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