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Mmmm, dear and enchanting Merlin, who is so delighted to share his mystery and alchemy here with his water memory!  Like the staff he often holds in his hand, to do the bidding of his words. These water seeds of potential are to remind you of the Magick you contain whilst contributing to the rise of Light that is unfolding on our planet.

He wants us to really laugh, play, seek out the thrill and immerse ourselves in nature. To pause and talk with the trees, the flowers, the animals, and the birds. To send out waves of happiness into the environments we are in, that then ripple out towards the collective field. He reminds us of the innocence of a child, to slow down and be in the moment, so that the wonder from Mother Nature responds with us, in return with her elemental calls, messages, and songs for us to hear. To commune with the enchantment that is revealed, so that further Magick from you can be revealed. These are our gifts! He reminds us that our energies intertwine with all life, and we can move beyond the old, and ascend through intention (fuelled by our spirits) and not death.


Often entwined with his loyal and scaly friends, the Dragons, which enable him to travel swiftly (if he chooses this mode of visibility), Merlin speaks the language of the Soul, so all understand. A guardian, an alchemist, a keeper of the mysteries, the ancient Druidic rites, shapeshifter, miracle maker, influencer of time, space and matter, astral projection, appear and disappear, there are so many mysterious Magick that he can pull out of his hat.


Merlin reminds you of the mystery you contain and says ‘It is time…..your doorway awaits’…..

Spray these droplets to invoke your ripple effect and the guiding presence of magick that is hidden within all of us and to reach the wondrous fountain of energy that is waiting for us to become magnetic magicians and alchemists ourselves.


This water has received three levels of Light of Merlin, beginning within the Stone circle at Avebury where Merlin, who is a member of the Council of Light, came through with his galactic and planetary energy. The magnetising layer arrived during a lunar eclipse before the waters were finally placed within Merlin’s cave in Tintagel for earthing and receiving the alchemy and Camelot codes. These waters hold the expansive energies ready to assist your transformation.


This essence is:  

  • for all those guided personally to connect with Master Merlin

  • for all those who wish to commune in Nature, to shape subtle energies, to seek and remember Magick and Mystery, to lift vibrations indoors (the books will appreciate these droplets he shares).

  • to add outside in nature, for example Earth Magic and Alchemy, Vibrational Healing treatments, creating connections with the elements and elementals (see below).

  • for creative or writing projects or other encouraging projects that are personal to you.


 With the connections to the mystery, great wizard Merlin joyfully supports:

  • Integrating and anchoring more of the Light into the magical being that you are. Creating the sacred environment for you to express your truth, your Light and your energy.

  • Expanding conscious connections with the elements.  The air, the fires, the earth, and the waters.  Practice being balanced with them, to ask your questions, intertwine your energy with them in an honouring and ceremonial manner.

  •  Receiving the pure channels of energy of ‘All things’, sharing with you the timeless seeds of light.  To announce these alchemy droplets so they may enhance every part of you. From your (subtle) bodies, water ways, blood, major organs and with your cells. We carry latent abilities that reside within our heavenly bodies.

  • Welcoming the practice of knowing self and to consciously remove any lower residues or patterns within you that may be stuck. (Call in your dragon and use the dragon breath and flames for accelerated clearing, whilst placing yourself within the violet flame). To transform the body, mind, emotions, heart, and ego. Whilst transmuting self towards the Divinity of the Higher self.

  •  Welcome in the light heartedness and ‘play’ in co-creating with the elementals for example, the rain, storms, auroras, clouds, flame, crystal devas, nature spirits.

  • The ability of practice, practice, practice as with this, comes a healthy pattern, embodiment, way of being that brings the magical, alchemical, mysterious aspect of you into all parts of your life.

  • Attuning to the use of the violet ray/ wave/flame of transformation to help expand consciousness. Also, as a vibration to connect with other energies such as the Quantum and plasma fields, the mycelium networks and other life realms within Mother Earth (Gaia).


Naturally, follow what your inner guidance shares with you and intend to manifest magic and miracles in our lives and healing for all sentient beings, including humanity. Co-create with amplified love and be part of the Divine flow of a new quality of Light.


Vibrational Contents:

Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol as a preservative.

Crystal Vibrations: Merlin-a Indigo Gabro Fae, Ocean Quartz Dragons.

Sound: Djembe Drum, Ocean Sounds.

Other Vibrations: Yellow Rose. Shaman’s Staff.

Created: 7/11 Avebury Stone Circle, 8/11 Lunar Eclipse and completed on the Peace filled,

Intuitive Magick and Master number Day of 11/11.

Fragrance: Spikenard, Black Pepper, Cedar Wood, and Sweet Violet Flower (less than 1%).

Further Information or advice:

If you would like further information or advice on The Merlin Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.

Merlin For The Mind Body & Spirit

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