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This resource filled essence holds so much support for the health and wellbeing of our body, that this in turn creates a certain knowing that the high vibrations within the water droplets are helping you physically, to shine and thrive.

This system support gifted from Mother Nature herself, shares the vibration made manifest through the water droplets and into our energy field/ aura/ bio- sphere. Passing on the energetic imprints from the liquid loving Light, from both Father Sky and Mother Earth.

These droplets act like an energy supplement that we take externally to support the inner landscape of our physical body. The refinement from each of these layers of vibration has been chosen specifically to support the whole of you and if shared, your loved ones and those environments that you hold dear too.

To experience the action and boosting effect of this energy enables you to be confident that your systems are at their optimum (or you may be seeking a quick recovery), so that in turn you are confident to adapt with what is presented.

This combined energy shares the capacity to assist us to function and empower ourselves to face with certainty any future changes and challenges that arrive. These droplets are like building blocks of health so that we can continue to support your web of energy with ingredients and qualities from nature.

The layers of frequency include: 3 sources of water memory from the sacred Mother Spring in Avalon to the Ancient and wild flows of Dartmoor (the third is the flower infusion). Flower infusions from calendula and echinacea, were selected for their array of action properties including stringent, antibacterial, anti-fungal, immune stimulant, anti-allergic and anti- inflammatory, So many helpful qualities!


The crystal vibrations included the well-known purifying properties of bloodstone, the stabilising effects from the fortifying Carnelian sphere. Energy Field clearer and immunity boosting properties from the Fluorite were shared amplified by the very nurturing and pure energies from the Lemurian ‘Isis’ Blade of Light. Rainbow Ray was creating the outer grid of energy, whilst lastly a star tetrahedron platonic solid was placed on the heart of the Ascended Master Serapis Bey who shared his white ray of purity and expansion.   

The Solfeggio sound frequency of 963 hertz was intuitively played to the waters in a numerical sequence and symbols with its connection to Oneness and quality that awakens any system to its original state.

From the sky’s perspective, the water memory was left outside in the star garden for 33 hours on a master builder day of 22nd November. Within this time, the sun had just moved into Sagittarius (fire element). The brilliant white Moon was near full, and throughout this these hours, the atmosphere was unusually still, clear and peaceful that the light from the stars, planets, sun and moon would be pristine in energy.

The scented notes of calendula, and yarrow were added for the healing, active and purifying properties. Whilst the finishing note is from a drop of Angelsword, that passes on the Violet Ray to repair and maintain the whole energy field.

With prayers and intentions Resilience supports:

  • you with an energetic supplement that supports all the four-body system especially the physical as part of the natural body care/ energy management daily routine.

  • an awareness of the nurturing and creative energies of the Divine Feminine.

  • a life force energy that shares bolstering and balancing qualities that in turn assists you to be grounded and in turn helping to stabilise Mother Earth.  

  • to receive the pure peace filled codes from the Sky and above.

  • receive ‘freedom’ and ‘releasing old pattern’ codes from the photonic Light.

  • an alignment of the sacred heart’s wisdom with the body’s intellect.

  • to experience the Pure White Flame and Light of ‘Serapis Bey’.

  • to connect with the inner building blocks of the body with optimal energetic support from Nature’s high vibrations.

 I am ever grateful to my guide team, Tim Salisbury and Sue Weaver for their knowledge, my sister April (who collected the flowers for me) and Tania Henn who assisted with the scented notes. Finally, my husband Paul who does so much for me behind the scenes. Thank you so much. This essence wouldn’t be here without you.


General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

For an instant connection and Energy top up: Feel a memory that brings you joy, and really feel this within your body. Then spray Resilience in a rainbow shape at least five times above the crown of your head. As the droplets pass your nose breathe towards your heart and visualise the energy connecting with your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras (the stomach to top of legs).


For a deeper connection with Resilience:

  • Take a few centred breathes and sink your awareness into your heart centre. Create a moment to feel how you want the energies of the droplets to assist.

  • Tap the bottle three times underneath to connect with the energy droplets.

  • Say out aloud how you want the droplets to assist (your intention) For example, ‘I ask for these droplets to assist me in looking after my physical body’ or ‘Help me lift above any fears or difficulties’ or’ may the purifying energies of the bloodstone crystal support me at this time’.

  • Spray from shoulder to shoulder in an arch shape, including the Soul Star chakra/ energy point, and allow the droplets to fall, taking a big breath in when you feel the droplets pass your nose, and visualise the natural vibrations touching all your cells, chakras, spine, higher heart, and mind.

  • Pause to receive the energy and any messages, prompts, knowing(s).

  • You may want to spray Resilience in the morning or before sleep. Use daily for regular contact of the energies within the bottle to connect with your energy field and your inner core within the body. There are many healing properties within each Flower and crystal to support you and your wellbeing. Check in with your body to find out which one is needed for the day ( dowse/ Kinesiology/ dialogue with body’s intelligence/ scan the body). Ultimately, follow your own guidance and intuition.


Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on Priestess Rose Essence please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


Resilience For the Mind, Body & Spirit

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