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  • For all aquamarine hearts and those that seek to awaken the adventurous and become part of the eternal flow.


    Salacia translates as salt, wide open sea, as well as ‘sensational’, and perhaps this is her blessing with you. To be wholly you and free in your home, surroundings and life. Salacia, for Her ethereal, sea Queen-goddess, and Mermaid energy, Salacia is here to share Her cosmic (She is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt) feminine, weightless way with you and share Her boundless amounts of light, joy, and oneness energy.

    Like the ocean, She dances on the surface with her Luminous halo and seaweed crown, and communes with ALL the creatures of the deep blue, with no bias. Salacia adds to the rich mysteries of our life, by reminding us of our true nature, that may have been forgotten. We each have our own bioluminescence to share and light up those shadows that have been hidden in the depths, ready to consciously turn into positive potential and stories in our lives.

    This creation was prompted by a rainbow appearing on the sea where I live on a 22-11 day. There are many vibrations that are part of this alchemy including a sea quartz from Merlin’s cave, a faceted Aquamarine that received the sound frequencies of a Mermaid, a fossil and a coral sea crystal skull, pearls, spiral shells and a Vogel crystal. To find out more about why each was chosen click HERE. The elemental vibrations include seawater, starlight from Mintaka, storm energy and hailstones coming in from the southwest, golden rays from the sun, and effervescent bubble energy!

    This essence of the ethers is for All, for children, mermaids, undines, nereids, water- nymphs, teachers, creatives, lightworkers, those that sing to the waters and shorelines, grid keepers of the oceans, Starseeds, those that wish to be unbound by physical law. Salacia is asking you to remember, in this moment, that there are hidden gifts, special talents and profound wisdom encoded into your cells, to remember what you already know and carry inside of you.


    ‘As diamond sparkles on the sea, enhanced by the ever-present light of our sun, that soon turns into a mesmerising river by the end of the day. Guided by the whispering winds and waves that shares my songs for your soul. Breathe in my truth that shines through. This is my remembering to you’.


    With free-flowing salt Love and dimensional flow, Salacia shares her dreaming and cosmic rays to support:

    •  In helping you meet fear of change through releasing what needs to be released from body memory and bio field, for example fixity of   what has been, limitations or the unknown.

    • In transforming y/our hidden emotional wounds by shedding and creating passageways of light through the rich- healing and purifying  properties. In holding one’s breath and journey deep, lighting those aspects within and rising to the surface once again.

    • In following the inner Aquamarine guidance, openly knowing and meeting the mysteries with courage, trust and as delight.

    • In encouraging the ‘souls way’ by becoming harmonious and in alignment with nature and the source of life.

    • With Her Light technology: Sound creations that light up water. (With heart consciousness draw Her light from above, bless all the waters of this earth, and place your hands on the land, running waters and in the sea).

    • Shifting into the Quantum, with Spiritual integrity and awareness, to connect with other Sea goddesses and water deities, creatures and  birds. (Sirius- Mer people, dolphins, whales) (Andromeda – Aquaferions), (Mintaka – water beings of such sensitivity, resonant with leMUria). Be open to meeting new creatures/ consciousness that may appear.

    • Creating a diamond filled rainbow bridgeway from the womb of remembering to the higher heart, then throat where the crystalline codes and particles of light are vibrating in our vocal cords, so that your ancient voice comes through when you sing, call, chant or create sounds with water.

    • Welcoming the practice of communing with the deep mysteries, connecting with unseen realms and the higher octave of consciousness, that in turn helps us learn and grow.

    • Honouring your sacred waters and the waters of Gaia. Remembering your vastness and communing with the water ways as an old friend, perceiving the source of Life and dissolving into Love, with the warmth of the many suns that you carried inside.


    General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

    For an instant connection and energy top up: Spray ‘Salacia’ into a hoop/ bubble shape, approx. 6-7 sprays above the crown of your head, as high as your arm will reach. As the droplets pass your nose, breathe the droplets deeply towards your heart and visualise your heart expanding to meet the edges of your aura/ energy field in a shimmering silver and phosphorus green blue colour.


    Vibrational contents and ingredients.

    Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol as a preservative.

    Waters collected from: The Ocean and Hail stones from storm.

    Crystal Vibrations: Aquamarine, Pearls, Oceanic Jasper, Seashells, Stargate 24, Sea Quartz from Merlin’s cave, ‘Star Lilly’ and Coral Skull.

    Sound: Mermaid Hertz.

    Other Elements: Dark Moon, Bubbles, Rainbows, 22-11-day, Starlight from Sirius and Mintaka before Dawn.

    Fragrance: Seaweed, Chlorella, Lime and Ho Wood (less than 1%).

    Further Information or Advice

    If you would like further information or advice on the ‘Salacia Essence’, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.