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  • To move through life effortlessly and naturally, shedding the layers that no longer serves to reach the real essence that resides within takes surrender, letting go and trust. Challenges may arise in life where we may not want to move forward as we experience the real emotions and life events that affects us personally and collectively.

    As we move through the eternal flow of time, our inner heart light expands, and it is with this field of light that we can create and make a positive impact in the world. As each season naturally changes into the next rhythm, so too, can we become brighter channels of light that can emit, receive, and conduit.

    This Serpent reminds you that life is cyclical and timeless. These droplets assist with the new process of integration that our bodies are currently going through. As we weave this energy within our own fields and that of the Land (e.g., Earthwork, crystal grids), this in turn opens possibilities from a refined perspective and creates a space for a new way of being, a restructure like the new skin that instantly appears radiant and shining, once the outer layer has come away. Let these droplets assist you in developing stronger awareness of valuing self from surrender to the void of creation through to the rich tapestry of Life.


    These waters were alchemised during the Black New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse. There were also balancing influences within the cosmos as both Venus (Love) and Jupiter (Expansion) and Mercury (communicate) and the Pleiades ( higher consciousness) coming in to alignment on this day. As the Sun set, the richest gold rays touched the waters, as a sovereign reminder of its abundant energy before the eclipse window began in the Southern Hemisphere. Overnight silver star light contributed their complementary rays to the Water Memory, a true sacred balance as this day led into the sacred union energies of Beltane.

    Naturally, the crystals wanted to be included to impart their energies as cardinal companions. The first was a splendid Dragon Quartz to anchor in the connections with the Dragon (Ley) Lines together with the alignments in the Cosmos. Green Quartz was placed where the moon would be at the time of the Zenith (Her qualities of pure calming, nourishing and compassionate energy). A piece of Shiva Lingam ‘Love Stone’ from the sacred Narmada river was chosen for its Cosmic Egg shape, ready to receive the Cosmic Heart of Venus. A glimmering piece of Starbrary Quartz was placed as conductor to and from the Cosmos and the many star nations that it contains. A moss agate pyramid was placed opposite the position of Venus and the creative energies of the Shiva Lingam to represent the container for the sacred masculine to rise in balance with the Venus energies). Lastly, Nut & Day my Lapis Lazuli was placed in position of where the Pleiades were in the sky, to anchor in the codes from this blue-white star system for our self-structures _ i.e DNA) and for the planetary grid.

    As the sun was setting