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  • Transcendence celebrates its energy codes of moving into the Aquarian Age, the beginning of a new era and way. As the next few years acts like a bridge from the old that falls away into the new 2,000-year cycle. An age where the rise in the Divine Feminine consciousness and energy is here to assist in us moving into our heart space and seeing with Love and compassion, to release all judgement, separation or polarity. This rich Feminine energy is about being and flowing, rather than doing or striving to achieve.


    This water energy is also about bringing through states of freedom and liberation. These droplets support the stages of Spiritual and personal development, as our perceptions change, and we move beyond previous limits that may have been created by self, our peers, our ancestors or Countries.


    The droplets support our sensitivities and healing process as we move into deeper states of realisation, align with our Souls and share a unified vison from the heart.

    I would recommend when using these droplets to start with them gently, before adding more sprays into the energy field or environment. As a suggestion you could start at the outer edges of the spiral that you eventually spray inwards towards the heart. Start at the Soul Star chakra that is an arm’s reach above the crown of the head. It is a bit like creating your own labyrinth in energy- gradually becoming closer to the centre and your heart. This journey will be revealing as you embody the Transcendence vibration.


    This was created on the Solstice of 21-12-2020 with the Well water that was collected within the Heart Chakra of the World in Somerset. Each collection of well water brought through different experiences as I witnessed joy celebration, dance and music being played at the White Spring, Sovereignty and the exchange of Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine at The Lion’s head at Chalice Well, Helpfulness and Peace at St. Aldhelms Well, and lastly solitude and complete stillness at Littlewell.


    These waters culminate overnight on the atmospheric coastline of magical Devon. The reason for this is that the blend facing South West towards the rare alignment and great conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn an occasion that has not occurred for 800 years! Some consider this the star of Bethlehem, heralding something profo