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Rainbow Light

With One Heart, this Light filled natural essence is filled with pure sound frequencies and energies from Light Beings ( Star linked), Crystal Skulls ( share recorded energy information), Twin Quartz Crystal ( key activators), Chakra grid of crystals circling a globe map ( Earth healing and awareness). These vibrations are stored within the waters from ancient Dartmoor. All within the Heart Star of the Avebury Stone circle, during the Celestial event of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter/ Mercury, and the Sun within the sign of Capricorn.


These sacred droplets can assist you with embodying the Light frequencies so that sense of co–creation, heart knowing and becoming who we truly are can be experienced. Alternatively, these droplets can be tapped into for bringing through the Rainbow frequencies of Joy, inner unification and discovering a new way of being.


Suggestions for Use:

For use during personal development: heart expansion and inner awareness exercises, shamanic practices, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, ceremonies, rituals, lucid dreaming, visualisation, reflection, or intuitive work

Professional examples: Use before and/ or after teaching or presenting a workshop or taking an exam or interview, to assist with maintain healthy boundaries, focus, and support energy when with a person or being online.

Use as an environment spray for example over bed or desk, use over personal sacred space, or doorways to and from rooms or for a healing bath.

Use before going for a walk-in nature, for connecting with plant devas and the animal and mineral kingdom and for earth healing practices and ceremonies.


How to Use:

Gently tap underneath the Rainbow Light bottle 3 times and place one of your hands on your heart and intend how you want the droplets to assist you. (for example) ‘To receive Love Light and nourishment for the whole of my energy field ’ or ‘to unify within, so that I am coming from my heart space’. Let your intuition guide you with how to spray these sacred droplets. It is recommended to spray a rainbow arch shape from one shoulder to the other to include the Soul Star Chakra ( as far as your arm will stretch out, above the head) sweep the droplets around the whole of your body, front and back, lifting each foot, so that a whole new circuit of energy can be created. Please inhale deeply when you feel the droplets pass your face, so that the energies can reach the inside of you too.


Vibrational Contents:

Each 100ml Essence bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, red shisho and glacial vodka

Crystal Vibrations: Multi coloured gem crystals in chakra sequence including: Citrine, Aquamarine, Turquoise & Garnet, Twin Quartz, ‘Momo’ & ‘Tone’ Quartz Crystal Skull

Sound Frequency: ‘Pilgrim’ Tibetan Bowl, ‘Helios’ Silver Gong

Cosmic Occasion: Saturn. Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun all in Capricorn, within Avebury

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Lotus Perfume Oil, May Chang Essential Oil


Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on The Rainbow Light Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.


£20.00 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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