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Sacred Union

As the balance and coming together as One between the Masculine and Feminine has returned, we continue and move forward and evolve collectively, recognising the effects from the past hurts, healing from family lineage patterns, and those from previous lifetimes.  We alchemise this pain by wielding the transformative power of our emotions, hand in hand with others as we birth the awakening from the medicine that we carry within for our Mother Earth and for one another.

From the modern perspective, the external effects from peers and the social arena shared the impressions too, all whilst on the path of discovery, there can be enough to unfold to reach the authentic truth that lives within…. That spark of Divine Diamond Light that Loves unconditionally. 

We progress and evolve, as personally and collectively we address the layers of our onion(s), that may have distracted us from this truth, and kept us in an illusion. Now we heal and step into the New Earth. The energy of Sacred Union supports the body to remember, and to re- connect with the sacred wisdom within.

When we heal and return to balance walking our path, shining our Diamond spark that is within, us and our World are going to transform.

The layers of vibrations that Sacred Union shares comes from a harmonious platform, where both sides of the same aspects through Nature come together as One. The well waters were collected from Chalice Well and the White Spring in Avalon / Glastonbury, uniting them together on the evening of 22-2-2022. A master builder day that was amplified threefold!

The waters were then placed in equal time measure under a copper beech and silver birch trees whilst Venus and Mars were dancing together until they came into conjunction on the 6th March. The Beech Tree shares its peaceful presence imparting its wisdom to our hearts as deep-seated truth that in turn creates a knowing that is love based. Whilst the Silver Birch Tree reminds us of our gifts and the potential of letting go, and by doing this, provides the energy to create a new way of living for the heart- mind, body and Soul.

The scented notes include Ylang Ylang for its attracting properties, Egyptian Rose Oil for the Heart Love properties and Red Champaca for its unconditional and universal energy when it comes to Divine beauty and Love.

With loving intention Sacred Union supports:

  • To unite the Feminine and Masculine creating harmonious co-existence without any overpowering, so that the Feminine can be seen, heard and the balance returns.

  • Reconnecting and reclaiming the wisdom within the Body temple (and the energy matrix of the Self).

  • Re-ignite the Feminine Way.

  • Reconnect with the sacred, the beauty and Soul wisdom.

  • Creating an energetic space to share the Universal Love vibration directly onto the Chakras, Meridian points or as intuitively guided.

  • To support any balancing, removal of layers, enhance and project inner heart Light, to remember and receive the mysteries of the Universe.

  • To create a loving container whilst supporting any sensitivities that may unfold or alternatively, celebrate the conscious union(s) and reunions within.

  • Reweaving your voice in this lifetime and remove all ways in which you have been bound or restrained from the past.

  •  Leading from your Heart without fear, Illuminating the path of the cosmic hearts light into New Earth.

General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

For an instant connection and Energy top up: roll a figure of eight on each wrist. Place the rollette bottle down and softly place on the place on your body  ( pulse points, heart, chakras or meridian) where you are intuitively guided. Alternatively, for your energy field, hold each wrist in front of your head and face and weave the wrists downwards towards your feet.

For a deeper connection with Sacred Union:

  • Take a few centred breathes and sink your awareness into your heart centre. Tilt the rollette bottle, warm it up with Love from your hands and your heart.

  • Create a moment to feel how you want the energies of the droplets to assist. Some suggestions may include ‘I wish to bring in the balanced energy of Unity to my body temple”. Or, “I ask for the unified love to enter my sacral, heart and throat, so I may speak my authentic truth”, or, “ What do I focus on to release all that no longer serves me?”. Or, “All is in Divine order, I embody oneness Love and shine my diamond heartlight”.

  • Tap the bottle three times underneath to connect with the energy droplets.

  • Say out aloud how you want the energy to assist (your intention – see above)

  • Roll an infinity symbol over each wrist and hold the wrists together until you feel the energy moving up your arms and into your heart. From here visualise externally the energy extending into your toroidal heart field and internally visualise the energy reaching the desired areas within your body. Place the wrists onto your sacral area and press the energy into your physical body. Alternatively, do this same action on the heart and or throat (depending on where you want the healing energy to go. This creates imprints for the body to remember with.

  • Pause to receive the energy and any messages, prompts, knowing(s).

  • You may want to absorb Sacred Union before meditation, ceremonies, sacred get togethers, sisterhood circles, after receiving a treatment, or to honour and revere the temple body that is carrying you and your Soul.

  • You may wish to take yourself into meditation after connecting with one of the layers of vibration that Sacred Union has stored (trees, plants that the Essential oil comes from, Avalon where the water flows were collected from, planetary aspects from Venus and Mars)

  • This essence is complimentary for heart presence, Nature connections (tree and plant wisdom), sacred get togethers, healing with unconditional love, breathwork, and treatments to support emotional clearing and moments for wanting to be held energetically. Teachings from Mary Magdalene may also be received as She was known as the ‘Bearer of anointing’ with Her acts of humble Holy alchemy.

  • Please treat this bottle with respect, it may be advisable to do a patch test on the skin 24 hours before you use the water memory oil (back of the wrist or inside of the elbow). This is NOT to be taken internally, and please keep away from eyes, children, and pets.

  • Naturally, follow what your intuition shares with you, surrender and release all past hurts with love and connect with the inner heart flame and speak your truth and dance in Oneness with self, with others and with our Earth.

Vibrational contents and ingredients.

Each 10ml rollette bottle contains Fractionated Coconut Oil, pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol as a preservative.

Water memory from: Chalice Well and White Spring Avalon/Glastonbury

Tree Sentinels: Copper Beech and Silver Birch

Cosmic Occasion: Collected on the numerological palindrome date of 22-2-2022, and placed with the trees until the dance between Venus and Mars came to an end and they came together on 6-3-2022 just 1 degree apart for a further 6 days until the 12th

Fragrance: Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Rose Oil and Red Champaca (less than 1%).

Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on Sacred Union Essence, please do not hesitate to contact us.


£11.50 per 10ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.


Heart Gratitude:

This water memory came into creation in the Love month of February whilst speaking with a soul sister who was seeking this energy, whilst also staying with our best friends who own a mini arboretum. I really enjoyed connecting and spending time with the trees that called. Finally participating in shared circle of mystic sisters where I learnt about the reverence of Anointing with Mary Magdalene and received Soul rememberings through the ancient temple of feminine mystery teachings. All three women I am eternally grateful for this alchemy and inner spiritual transformations that occurred along the way.

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