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Salacia Front Label

Salacia Crystal Selection

Sea Quartz (from Merlin’s cave, Tintagel) 

Conductor and Facilitating the Magic from this Energy Master.


Oceanic jasper 

A representative of the sea with its beauty and rhythms of life. Holds such a calming energy that is beneficial and balances the heart and throat. This mineral also links with Atlantis and connects you to mystical wisdom to reclaim.


Spiral seashell 

Fibonacci sequence/ Sacred Geometry /creation & Movement/ Beauty, Perfection and Elegance.

Local shell holding pearls: Wisdom of the Goddess, reminding us from grit true beauty occurs. Connection to the Spiritual realms as unlike crystals coming from the land, pearls are born of the water. These presents assist with feeling serenity, calm, balances the body.


Song Line

Indian Fossilised Petosky Coral Crystal Skull – ‘I am of ancient Earth, a representation of the gentleness I carry like the soft ebb and flow from the cosmos. Like the layers of my being, I have seen much over many lifetimes, including the rays of the living sun’.

Star Lilly

Sea Fossil Skull – ‘You hold a beautiful part of Mother’s history in your hand. In Ancient times I was considered a gift from the stars. The circles you see on me, represent the cycles of change, that are here and are inevitable. I bring stability and emotional balance’.


Aquamarine (High grade Multi-faceted)

Freedom of the Heart (removes fear from any chambers through its cleansing properties).  A highly protective. Fearlessness and Safety. One Vision. Aquamarine is believed to have a strong spiritual power. The almost perfect lines and angles on the gem can be related to its ability to lead and guide souls to their destination. Please note, I played with this gem in the sun’s light, and not a lot happened. As soon as I placed the aquamarine over the ocean, not only did it give off sparks, this gem gave the sense of coming to life and there was movement looking through the gem and on to the water (similar to looking through a telescope, the gem brought me closer to the water visually). There is a video of this. This was also this crystal that received the Mermaid sound frequency and I hear this is known as the Mermaid’s stone!


Vogel Crystal (‘Stargate 24’)

has not only been connecting with the sun’s rays in preparation to this alchemy, though has been connecting with the master crystals under the seabeds to bring through wisdom for now. This crystal was removed before the storm had set in.

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