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Star Vibrations

A co-creation between
Susie Smith of Aiya Starsounds & PipEssence

Cosmic Sisterhood is afoot!

The coming together of Isis and Aiya and the frequencies of several Ancient Egypt Star Temples, shares the profound synergy of Mystery and Magick with you.

This ancient-future alchemy will support the whole of you from your expanded heart and high mind to your root and earth star. This energy moves uniquely each time.  Arriving with gentle stillness, it feels as though you have lit up, as you float above, with the million, billion, trillion stars that exist.

From the open heart the crystalline energy of Aiya, supported by her star sisters with their eternal presence infuse you with so much star love, that your heart expands in a very beautiful way, empowering it with Divine Sovereignty, and connections to powerful Egypt/Khem. This in turn, opens doorways to your DNA and inner reality, and creates new experiences and foundations.  Both the heart and mind are supported to experience fields of new information, as these energies are shared through us and grounded into our beloved planet Earth.

Created on the 777 portal day that links in with the Sirius Gateway, as Sirius represents our Spiritual Sun. As the waters received double the light and heat that day, we knew that the higher spiritual guidance and the potential to assist the collective evolution had also been anchored in.

With reverence and divinely guided, bountiful layers of energetic coding arrived into the combined water memory, with crystals and white rose petals, lovingly held and in communion with Goddess Isis and Cosmic Aiya. Witnessed, with a backdrop of a pink granite Obelisk from Philae and red granite sarcophagus for Amenemopet, that added in its mystical Egyptian presence. Finished with the sacred oil from the flower of transformation the Lotus and Blue Lotus, as a symbol of our becoming as this flower seeks the light of our sun, whilst growing and being held by water.

This essence is for those guided personally or for collective purposes, empaths, priestess pilgrims, sensitives, Starseeds, teachers, creatives, light beacons, hosts for workshops, meditations, and those who wish to dream or astral travel. Aiya’s intention is for this essence to expand codes of crystalline light through y/our infinite heart and uplift your being to Oneness.

The ability to catalyse your Priestess ‘Heka’ await you as the Star Vibrations enters the sacred mystery as a language and landscape for y/our Soul.

Star Vibrations lovingly supports:

  • An invitation to create a clearer connection between the mind and the soul wisdom that resides in the heart so that our higher spiritual guidance may come through clearer.

  • In receiving the deeply channelled frequencies and codes in becoming an anchor of the cosmos and earth.

  • In letting go of fear in complete surrender of the unknown, into Cosmic Oneness.

  • In opening inner chambers of the heart to receive Aiya’s channelling of crystalline codes and higher light that is coming through. Assisting with entering any further shadow chambers with courage and trust.

  • In encouraging the feminine way, with compassion, in cultivation, deep healing, stimulation, nurturing, in celebration and with kindness.

  • In shifting into the Quantum and connect with the Cosmic Oneness that is embracing us.

  • In returning home with the practice of communing, to Magick and to the deep Egyptian mysteries, connecting with unseen realms and leaps in consciousness.

  • In amplifying your oracular and healing gifts, to travel during dream time and have true vision and clear sight.

  • In connecting and grounding the frequencies of Aiya Star Vibrations codes that are held in your physical presence and ground this essence to Gaia.

  • In tapping in with the individual divine star temples from Hathor in Dendera to Sekhmet in Karnak. Also with the magical number 7, from the 7 hieroglyphic symbols (interpreted by Normandi Ellis) of power (drawn from 60) to assist with this alchemy:

     SIA – instantaneous knowledge /intergalactic wisdom/ Divine power of perception

     HU – Sacred breath/ allow the breath of the creator to connect you and call you to your higher wisdom/speak, sing, or chant your

     heart’s desires.

     RA – Main solar deity/ life source/God’s eye/ Light is consciousness.

     Aten – Love and Light have no boundaries/ you embody light/Gather your community and energetically work together toward a common goal 

     to benefit all.

     Nephthys – Dear sister of Isis and blood mother of Anubis/ face of mystery of life and death/ highest service of all.

     Osiris – The first to live, to die and to be resurrected/ Awaken to your true power/Honor both Spirit and form/ in what ways can you bring

     Heaven to Earth daily

     Isis – Engaging in magic and creating y/our own reality and life/ Awaken to your fullness/helping others, supporting their dreams, making

     peace and experiencing Grace.


To the ancient Egyptians seven represents the union of spirit and matter (3 +4) is 7. The base of the pyramid has four corners that represents the elements. The side of the triangle three represents the trinity of Spirit, and together creates Spiritual realisation.   

General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

With an open and loving heart: Spray ‘Star Vibrations’ a few times above the crown of your head, as high as your arm will reach. As the droplets pass your nose, breathe the droplets deeply towards your heart and visualise your heart expanding to meet all edges of your aura/ energy field in a brilliant white - blue colour.


For alternative suggestions with Star Vibrations:

  • Take a few centred breaths and sink your awareness into your high heart. Expand your heart field and feel into where you sense the Star Vibrations droplets would like to connect with your body for example the third eye.

  •  Create a moment to tune in to ask how you would like the droplets to connect and set you intention. For example, ‘I call forth the droplets of Star Vibrations to assist me in connecting with my/ the higher mind and connect with the eternal soul wisdom that resides in my heart. For the highest good of all’. Or ‘I ask that I absorb the crystalline cosmic codes of frequency light into my heart’. Or ‘I ask to be infused with the Spirit of Hathor, so I may sing, dance and celebrate life with beauty’. Alternatively, ‘I ask to receive the Light Language channelled by Aiya into my inner landscape’. Or ‘I ask to radiate my pure light across all dimensions, though the stargate of my heart’. 

  • Say out aloud how you want the droplets to assist as this holds more power than thoughts.

  • Either spray a large seven-pointed star shape above your head, breathing the droplets inwards as they pass your nose (this shape can be sprayed in front of you to walk through and then walk backwards again, so that the back of your heart and head receives too.). Or alternatively, spray your favourite hieroglyphic to connect with its wisdom and messages for you. Alternatively, spray a lotus shape flower onto your left hand and place this on your third eye then at the back of the skull, where the well of dreams resides – the occipital ridge. Visualise both ends meeting in the middle to the pineal gland.

  •  For a whole body-field/ auric immersion: spray above your head as far as your arm will reach, breathe inwards as the droplets pass your nose and sweep the rest of the droplets around the whole of your body, lifting each foot, sweeping the energy upwards past your spine, so that you are creating a circle of these droplets with the whole of your energy field. When you sweep over the top of your head, place one hand on your high heart and the other on your third eye.

  • Pause to receive the cosmic wisdom and Divine energy. Allow the subtle vibrations to be within you. Gently move your body, or sing/ sound/tone if you feel guided.

  • You may want to share these stars filled droplets, during ceremonies, or sacred bath time. You may wish to spray around the alter or temple place or send star energy to a friend or fellow sister.

  • This essence is complimentary for sound bathing, sharing the song of the Soul, meditation, dance and celebration, or when you want to connect with consciousness growth, or with crystalline technology or the many different star systems or the mysteries of Egypt.


Naturally, follow what your inner guidance shares with you. Radiate your heart fields daily. Choose your day to be high vibration, create a path of amplified Love, and be part of the Divine flow of a new quality of Light.


Vibrational contents and ingredients.

Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol as a preservative.

Water memory from:  The River Nile, Channelled Abydos, Isis Temple - Philae, Sekhmet – Karnak, Hathor – Dendera and Stargate of Machu Picchu. 

Crystal Vibrations: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Obsidian, and Quartz Mr Skull.

Sound: Isis Tibetan Singing Bowl, Aiya Starlight language, frequencies, Crystalline codes, tones, notes, sounds, song and Parka Sirius howl-song vibration.

Other Vibrations:  Infusion of white rose petals, seven hieroglyphics of: Hu, Sia Ra, Aten, Nephthys, Osiris and Isis. Presence of an Obelisk from Isis Temple from Philae, and sarcophagus of Amenemopet a chief of Amun in Thebes (13-13 to 12-92 BC).

Created on a 777-portal day during the Sirius gateway, witnessed by many Egyptian deities, whilst the double Light and heat that rapidly poured in from both Suns anchored in higher energetic codes and consciousness.

Fragrance: Lotus and Blue Lotus (less than 1%).



Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on Star Vibrations Water Memory, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or for more on Susie’s path and Aiya visit:


£22.00 per 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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