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Crystal Skulls have been around and in people’s awareness for many centuries, and personally within my radar since the Golden Age of Atlantis. It is interesting watching people’s reaction whenever they come across a crystal skull, as a bit like the strong tasting ‘Marmite’ they either open to them and are curious or may find them as a representative of the ‘grim reaper’! Regardless to say, it has been proven that skulls have a capability of storing and sharing information and a bit like us, they seem to have a unique personality when connected and heal with.


This water memory was supported by the presence of many beautiful and high vibrating clear quartz crystal skulls (whose molecular structure is the same as water!), they stayed overnight around the water memory, adding the gifts that they hold, the heart presence and ambassador energies to this creation. These powerful allies also had energy added from the vibrating presence of the quartz crystal skulls cards from the ‘Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls’ oracle. Combined with being created within the Avebury circle energy, blessed by the Spirit of this sacred land, the stones, the elementals (Divine’s nature guardians) and the stars and lunar eclipse energy. This is an experience I will always treasure, and the whole creation was heart led and could be really felt each step of the way. A real blessing for sure!


The co-creation of these droplets is very much in with celebrating the Aquarian Age way, as a dear friend Clea Gompels received a prompt for an essence to be created that would bring about a bridge, a link from the crystal skull collective and us human beings to communicate with one another more easily and directly. Do not forget the crystals has been in the many layers of mother earth way before our Human race came along! Clea’s beautiful ability to channel with the crystal skulls and bring through clear, loving and supportive messages for us at this incredible time.


An example of a recent and beautiful channelled message that Clea shares with a Lapis Lazuli Star Elfin, ‘Her voice sounded like that of a thousand angels, the beauty of a star condensed up into the most glorious sound. She told me of the birds, of the plants, of the animals, of the people. She told me how they all fitted together in the tapestry of life, how all things were interdependent of each other and how we needed to listen to the inner voice of our Soul, to the song that all creatures made when unified into One. The sound frequencies of everything, the rocks, the stones, the pebbles, the sand, the water, all of it vibrates, all of it sings as she said to me. She showed me in tones what beautiful words like togetherness, unity, oneness, love meant. She sang the song of the universe, she unifies in sound waves the light codes of the Stars with those of the Earth Star’.

Also, with this co creation includes a wonderful man, and a crystal skull guardian, creator and collector, Phillippe Ullens who co-owns the Henge shop in Avebury set within the wondrous Neolithic stone circle. He adds his enthusiasm, quartz crystal skulls, wealth of knowledge to this creation and created the photograph on the label of ‘Rainbow Ray’ ( card 44 within the oracle deck).


When these droplets are dispersed, this water energy sets the scene in allowing the softness and receptivity to occur within so that the heart based subtle messages, knowing and impressions can be received. This can apply to All, whether it be your favourite Skull, crystal sphere, animal or being outside in nature with the standing stones or running water.


These droplets create a green light of connectivity, and with great Love, blessings, telepathy, symbols, intention, co-creation and the quartz crystal skull representatives. Togetherness was created overnight during a lunar eclipse within the medicine wheel in the garden of The Henge shop within the Avebury stone circle. By morning there was a wintery ethereal fog that sat just above the ground. It felt like this fog represented a veil, that which was hidden beforehand was now asking to be known and revealed, to bring in the New.


I hold the bottle and I can feel the singing and enthusiasm inside. This is an incredibly special blend of energy that holds so much potential to embrace change, transform and heal. The essence is finished with the scented high note from trees: Bay, and Ravensara. Both for the uplifting and opening properties.

With blessings and intentions Togetherness supports:

  • With blessings and intentions Togetherness supports:

  • you to experience a connectivity with All things and beings.

  • a sense of wholeness to assist you on the Awakening journey.

  • anchor in pure states if joy, hope and heart expansion.

  • awaken to potential of who we truly are, for the Highest good of All.

  • a deepening experience of communication both expressed and received.

  • an expansion in understanding ancient and future wisdom.

  • the ability to create building bridges for soul of self and the collective.

  • a closer connection with the star realms and higher dimensions.

  • develop energy that supports the evolvement of Unity Consciousness.


Immense Heart Love is enclosed to fellow star sister Clea Gompels for her co creative abilities, her wholehearted support, her infectious positivity and being open to receive the guidance for this Togetherness essence to come into reality. I would also extend much heart gratitude to Phillippe Ullens who photographed the label used for this essence, also for his sensitive and connective approach towards this creation. Thank you both so very much.


Website Links: for more on this wonderful card deck. to view the heart-star collection of crystal skulls.


Please note: this essence is here to assist you in connecting and communicating with Higher Consciousness that can include, the crystal skull collective, Angels, Arch angels, Ascended Lady and Masters, the Elohim, the Elementals, Star and galactic realms and so much more.


General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

For an instant connection and Energy top up: Spritz Togetherness three times at the soul star chakra (as far as your arm will reach above the crown of your head), as the droplets fall, breathe the droplets into your body towards your heart, as they pass your nose. Sweep any other droplets towards your heart and stomach area.

For a deeper connection with Togetherness and the ‘Wisdom from the Crystal Skulls’ Oracle deck:


  • Tap the bottle three times underneath to connect with the energy droplets.

  • Say out aloud how you want the droplets to assist you (intention setting) For example, ‘I ask to connect with the crystal skull and all beings of the light that are willing to assist me in bringing forward a message(s) for me today .’ or ‘ With the power of Source creator that I Am, I manifest connectedness and unity with my soul and the Energy Field of All Life. Thank you and so it is’. Or alternatively, ‘ For the highest good of all, I ask for natural energy of Togetherness to connect me with a song of my soul and my sacred heart, so that I remember and feel whole, accomplished and vitalised again. Thank you, thank you, thank you’.

  • Spray all around you including overhead and the oracle deck. As the droplets to fall pass your nose, taking a big breath in, and visualise the natural vibrations reaching your fingertips, your toes, all parts of your body and chakra system. Touching all your cells, the spine, heart, and mind. You are ready to connect with the healing messages and energies from the Oracle deck.

  • Also, you can sweep the energy droplets down the front of the body, lift each foot individually and then sweep the droplets with intention up the back of the body, to create a whole circuit of energy in your temple space.

  • Pause to receive the energy and any messages, insights and guidance.

  • You may wish to use the Togetherness droplets before a virtual get together on Zoom, or if you are teaching a class, these droplets are very helpful for group harmony.

  • This energy is also incredibly supportive for those that to explore dimensions, meditate more deeply, journey within, and improve your intuition and third eye connections.

  • These droplets also support the programming of your own personal crystal Skull(s), Crystal beings such as dragons, star Elfin, phoenix or animal totems to hold new frequencies and consciousness for the highest good of All.


I absolutely Love the many wonderful connections, characteristics that reveal themselves, the wise knowledge and information that is shared from the collective consciousness with us not to mention the healing energy and magical reconnections that can be created and achieved.


Vibrational Contents & Ingredients:

Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol and red shisho

Water memory from Avalon: White Spring, Red Spring, Swallowhead Spring

Crystal Vibrations: 6 Quartz crystal Skulls from the Henge Shop Collection, 7 clear quartz skull cards drawn from the ‘Wisdom of the Crystal Skulls’ Oracle deck

Symbols: Flower of Life, Ankh

Occasion: The Henge gardens, within the Avebury Stone Circle energy during a lunar eclipse, with still ethereal low-level mist.

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Ravensara and Pimenta Racemosa


Further Information or advice:

if you would like further information or advice on the Togetherness Essence please do not hesitate to contact us.



£20.00 per 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop.

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