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We have so much to be grateful for from our ancestors as they lived their lives to the best of their ability in order to bring us to the here and now. They faced many challenges and in turn has given us greater understanding of our history, compassion and great love. Currently however, many are experiencing death as they have to say goodbye to a loved family member, a neighbour, colleague or a friend. Collectively, we are moving and surviving through coping with the loss from death. Ancestors PipEssence droplets are here to support the process of saying goodbye and the different stages that people go through, by remembering them, honouring them and eventually accepting that they are no longer here and moving on.


When my mum Pauline Ann Handley went over the rainbow to the Summerlands 18 months ago. This happened a few days before her birthday close to Hallows eve or Samhain. Surreptitiously, the 31st October has significance as it is considered the best time for connecting with the Ancestors as the veil between the worlds are the thinnest.


It turns out that this PipEssence is a beautiful co-creation of Her loving energies and my facilitating the sacred promptings. On that morning, I received a very gentle nudge from mum into my awareness to create a water memory and ‘mother’ blend with the Dartmoor water. There is an agate sphere here at home which mum called ‘Shanti’ and it emits a deep peaceful vibration. There is also a handheld crystal bowl, that shares the ‘F note, which she used to play in every room of her home especially to the cats, crystals and plants. This heart frequency was played to the crystal sphere and water, with a yellow rose added, and taken up to the star garden. I was guided to place a grid of crystals around the water, with cardinal point crystals and the natural dragon quartz family. With loving gratitude and intention to connect with moon energies, the lid was placed over the water and left out during the night and the peaking of the Full ‘Blue’ Moon. I should say at this point, the last blue moon to fall on the 31st of October was in the same year of mum’s birth 1944.


Like a rare jewel in the sky, a blue moon occurs on average every 2.7 years. As Mum Paulina held many of her own ceremonies linking in with the full moon over the years by this sea, on reflection I am not surprised of the prompting. Ancestors is a creation of a super blend of loving, comforting and supporting energies to help the user flow through their individual process of behaviours and beliefs. This is Paulina’s way of bringing through her healing wisdom and feminine support, her vibrancy and ultimately her Love. It is a real honour to connect this way from both sides of the veil.


A yellow rose was used for its uplifting colour, properties and for the symbolism of unconditional Love that is within at least four generations of our family. A finishing scented note of Daisy, Pink Mulla Mulla and Elemi were selected for their healing properties and to assist with feeling the lightness and wonderment akin to that of a child.

With intended blessings Ancestors supports:


  • you to cope whilst experiencing the stages of loss and grieving.

  • assist with what you may be going through and trying to process the many emotions such as struggle or overwhelm.

  • receive an energetic loving hug when seeking moments of comfort.

  • an ability to feel safe, whole and enough.

  • develop and strengthen connections with loved ones who have transitioned to the other ‘side’.

  • an ability to visit and release the lineage patterns that exist within the ancestral line.

  • an expansion of compassion and acceptance of what cannot be changed to create space for pure peace and boundless love to come through.

  • sacred ceremonies and entwined soul connections.



With eternal Love and in honour of the memory of Paulina Ann

May all the heart Love within your pure soul hold and guide you Always.


I found this written in her hand:

Blood of the Ancients

It is the blood of the ancients,

that runs through our veins,

And the forms pass,

But the circle of Life remains.

General suggestions on ‘How to use’.

For an instant connection and Energy top up: Spray a mini rainbow of Ancestors above your head (approx. three times) at the soul star chakra (as far as your arm will reach above the crown of your head). As the droplets fall, breathe the droplets into your body as deeply as you can, as they pass your nose. Sweep any other droplets towards your heart and take/create a moment.

For a deeper connection with Ancestors:


  • Take a few centred breathes and sink your awareness into your heart centre. Create a moment to feel how you want the energies of the droplets to assist.

  • Tap the bottle three times underneath to connect with the energy droplets. Hold the bottle to your heart.

  • Say out aloud how you want the droplets to assist (your intention) For example, ‘ Dear droplets help me with the grieve I am experiencing, please bring through the strength to be with what is, thank you. Or


    • ‘With the power of (God/Goddess/ Source/ Creator of ALL) that I AM, I ask all that is please send healing and emotional strength into my body, and so it is.

    • Or

    • ‘Ancestor droplets, help me with these emotions that are coming up in me right now, help me be at peace. Thank you and so it is.’

  • Spray a spiral shape inward, from above your head and finishing at your heart. Alternatively, spray Ancestors from shoulder to shoulder in a big arch shape, as far as the arm will reach, and allow the droplets to fall, taking a big breath in when you feel the droplets pass your nose, and visualise the natural vibrations touching all your cells, heart and mind.

  • Pause to receive the energy and any messages. Feel the energy go into that part of the body.

  • You may want to create a loving sphere of Ancestors around you at night before drifting to sleep, so that you may connect with your loved one(s) within the realm of dreaming.

  • Feel okay with what is whether pain or love…. It takes time and is a unique journey for each and everyone.


Enclosing divine feminine Love to anyone affected by death. I trust these droplets links the heart-to-heart Love, Light, and healing to anyone using the Ancestors Water Memory within this circle and tapestry of life.

Vibrational Contents & Ingredients.


Each 100ml bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, glacial alcohol and red shisho

Crystal Vibrations: Shantilite Agate Sphere, Red jasper, Amethyst, Citrine, Celestite and Dragon Quartz

Sound Frequency: Herat Chakra ‘F’ Note 353.13 Hertz

Occasion: Hallows Eve/ Samhain, Full ‘Blue’ Moon, Thinning of the Veils.

Fragrance: (less than 1%) Canarium Luzonicum, Bellis Perennis, Mulla Rosea Mulla


Further Information or advice.

If you would like further information or advice on the Ancestor Essence please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.



£18.00 per 100ml bottle plus postage and packaging. To make a purchase please visit our Shop by clicking HERE.

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