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  • The beautiful guiding light of Venus, bright Queen of the sky and her stellar rhythms of higher radiance, celebrates you in softening your heart(s) most beautifully, to openly connect with the feminine blessings from the universal antennae that link deep within the inner chambers of your own heart. This in turn shines Love, pulsing and connecting with Divine resonance as a spiritual sister to Mother Earth, as you, yourself become a channel of light, and a beacon of unconditional Love and compassion.

    As Venus dances her magical five petalled geometry, often called the ‘Rose of Venus’ through our skies and around our planet, she vibrates and shares Her Divine Codes, creating coherence that opens our pathways with new Light frequencies of Universal Love.

    A soft, surrendering container is created for you to immerse within the 33 chambers (or petals) of your heart, assisting with opening each one as you move from human love to transcendent Love.  This can include experiences such as being harmless in thought or action, seeing or feeling the loving hearts of others, and/or connecting and practising your Love field through expansion and becoming a natural transmitter of empathy, kindness, and compassion. Cosmic Heart holds the spheres of potential and fertile waves that help us integrate into a new way of being, whilst we raise our vibration and evolve spiritually.


    This water alchemy includes the Red and White Spring from the Heart Chakra of Avalon. As soon as the waters were brought together, here, in Devon, a very large white tiled Bumble bee flew directly overhead, sharing its blessing and low vibrational ‘buzz’. The Venus crystal family that had been gathering the energies from the Cosmic Classroom in Avebury, was placed in chakra order around the water on the outside of the bowl, whilst a clear tetrahedron quartz was placed in the water. (For more insights on the various crystals used and why they were placed where, CLICK HERE

    These waters were left in the star garden during the peak height of the Sun at Solstice, whilst Venus came into alignment with the Pleiades. The pristine sky created rainbow plasma energy that was absorbed by the waters and the quartz star tetrahedron had a field of rainbow surrounding it too. The oils of Rose, Davana and Blue Lotus, create a unifying doorway for you to receive the mysterious sweet notes of unfolding love, beauty and renewal.

    This essence is for All paths, for Teachers, Creatives, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Rose Lineage, Old and Complete Souls, Bee lovers, Visionaries, Healers, Twin Flames, Gridworkers and hearts that are curious about our spherical sky and Galaxy.


    With Sacred Rose connections and Loving intentions, Cosmic Heart supports:


    For full details of the Cosmic Heart Essence Click Here

    Cosmic Heart


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