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To be held within a circle of sisters whilst you cry, laugh, process, release, connect, create, surrender, celebrate and renew is one of the most powerful and sacred experiences you can ever receive.

A container that is created, for these parts of us to come through, helps to hold and release and pour out when the right time presents. The Chalice creates this container, as sacred space, for those aspects within ourselves to rise and come through. These inner waters that we carry in our bodies namely, within our sacral chakra and womb area, is the seat of our remembering, our creativity and becoming.

As we move through life, we may often forget the inner child or the younger version of ourselves as the girl that we were/are, and some of those qualities of innocence, freedom, vulnerability, curiosity, creative, pure and imaginative along with it too. These attributes may have naturally fallen into forgetfulness or external patterns that influenced change, that they too soon slip into the past as a distant remembering.

For all who may link in with the Divine encoding of the Feminine. This water memory acts like an innocent and kind ally companion, as the memories and seeds within us opens to the Light. These droplets share the energetic links to reconnect, reclaim and celebrate our authentic, pure selves in a web of Maiden- Sisterhood – Maternal- Wise Woman – Sacred Feminine Energy.

Let these droplets hold and Love you in a weaving of emotional layers of support as you flow to remember, heal, reclaim forgotten aspects and celebrate the beauty- filled young girl/ woman inside of you.

From a revisit of a retreat venue in Avalon, lovingly guided by Sonraya Grace, the gentle emphasis was to reconnect and reclaim our Maiden selves. There were creative exercises to tune in with our bodies, journey with visualisations, create flower crowns of Sovereignty and so much more. Each moment being honoured and held. We moved, we breathed, set intentions, danced, visualised, shared and reflected. Our container was one that brought out the best in each of us there, in our own unique way. A retreat that is truly cherished and anchored in.

One of the retreat highlights was to have private use of the White Spring, that really brought through the playful, courageous spirit that may have been laying dormant! The touch of these Divine waters around the whole of my being reignited the connections with the Great Mother and her sacred flows. The remembering of Oneness, like the sacred air we breathe, the pure water flows that comes from the mountains, that falls from our sky and creates rivers towards the seas. I felt incredibly blessed and humbled to be reminded of this. My body then reminded me of the incredible connection with the Cenote water in Mexico that brought through such a positive initiation that birthed PipEssence.


As a group of sisters together we laughed, sang, encouraged, and shared courage to be open and celebrate! Precious beyond our single identity and Humanness this raw cave of beauty of the White Spring held us in such a way that these memories will al-ways be treasured.

This water memory comes from ‘Maiden Spring’ also in Avalon, where the energies there were so supportive, pure and gentile you could hear a pin drop. The Spring itself is completely held and protected by the many nature spirits and trees that surrounded this innocent space. As humans we were being watched and received as we approached individually to be with the Spring. There was an honouring of self and the Spring to be with Her in quiet contemplation and/ or energetic exchange.

The bird song was in cascade of Springtime fertile joy. We witnessed both the Wren and blackbirds sing their melodies out. I have to share at this point, the shade of Green was incredibly luminous- set off by the Light yes, though there felt an added texture of growth and aliveness that I do not feel I have experienced before.

The waters were collected a day after the Scorpion Full moon so that the land and waters received and settled in the new energies, and the reset created by the Cosmos. In honouring of these collected waters when they were brought home, they were placed by the Sphinx, crystals, womb bowl all held under the constant song from the blackbird. These waters were brought in and preserved on the day I consider a celebration of Mary Magdalene on the 22nd May.

The scented notes reflect the triple stages of the goddess or the chakra energies of the Womb, Throat and Heart:

  • Damiana – A warm and sweet overtone that is links in with playfulness, love and creativity.
  • Hyssop - A purifying energy of temple spaces and sacred items and places, there is a herby note with a hint of uplifting lemon.
  • Rose Maroc - The love messenger of Venus and beyond, this renowned healing energy for the heart holds such floral and sweet notes that it naturally assists female motherhood roles beautifully.


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Inner Chalice For the Mind, Body & Spirit

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