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Aligning & Earthing Spine Suggestion to support Serpent Awen.

You may wish to anoint your spine and where you are sitting on the earth before you begin.

When we heal aspects within ourselves and gently releasing any dis-harmonies through grounding our spines, by sitting with your spines fully supported, lengthened and straight. You may wish to lift each buttock behind you, so that you can create a triangle with your coccyx and two hip bones.

  • Become comfortable on the Earth with few deep breaths to centre and feel safe and presently anchored in with your tailbone extended down toward your Earthstar chakra. These breaths may also release anything from the spine that is ready before you begin.

  • Visualise your rose heart connections with Venus. See Her rose-gold- silver rays come through your crown chakra and flow to the top of your spine moving downward into your tailbone. Breathe as long and as consciously as you can. Next breathe in the brilliant Gold, expensive properties of Jupiter through your crown and breathe them to the bottom of your spine.

  • When you feel both have been brought through as equal columns of light. Imagine and extend roots from your spinal column down into Mother Earth, on each out breath see these roots move down lower and lower into the layers of Mother Earth pass the bedrock, the underground rivers and the Crystalline taverns. When you have reached the Heartbeat of Mother Earth in the centre, visualise the silver and gold flowing from and through you and down into the roots towards Her central heart, and on the inbreath, visualise diamond white light coming from her heart flame and song coming into your spine and moving into your body, connecting with each cell, internal organ, blood pathways and tissues.

  • You are a conduit from above and receiving from below as a two-way process to bring in the new rays of light for the body, lifting any dense or trapped energies from within. Be with this for a short while flowing, sharing, receiving.

  • When you feel ready, call back and retract your root system back up through the tail of your spine and seal it consciously with the white ray of Peace and Purity. Do the same with the chakras so that they are more in healing mode before they open naturally again.

  • Rest a while so that you may integrate with this new light that has been shared. This pause also helps with restructuring of your physical body too and drink lots of water (with Chlorophyl if you have any) to support this practice.

Serpent Shapes

The Symbols of the Serpent:

The serpent holds so much representation that dates back through the ages of time, they are fascinating and Such a wealth of symbolism that I am purely going to share my intuition with their shapes here.



As they can coil themselves into a spiral, a shape that links to sacred geometry (The Fibonacci number sequence), naturally the patterns found within the Universe. From a spiral comes movement and growth, as the shape expands so this can bring change and strength. Is there an idea you wish to share and grow in this world?

Serpent Awen


These wise creatures can manoeuvre very quickly to being able to hold a gaze with those that are in their path. As they live in the earth within holes in the ground, they are so in tune with the Earth and Her subtle rhythms that in some way they do represent each of the elements. They dwell on the Earth; some can swim in the waters too. They are sensitive to the changes in the air and lift themselves up for a refined diagnosis and literally have fire in their belly to react incredibly quickly and protect themselves if surprised.



When I see this shape I often think of Caduceus and the symbol of healing. This shape also refers to the Kundalini and the possibility of the movement of Spiritual energy within our physical bodies. This in turn leads to the path of enlightenment. I feel this shape is protective and so useful for assisting with creating boundaries.



This symbol is where the serpent ca be seen eating its own tail, representing an eternal return where there is no beginning and no end. This is the unity of all things material and Spiritual (the Cosmos) where All is one and one is All. This never disappears though continuously change form in an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. These creatures hold such knowing that when they surrender and the eyes glaze over, they know that the new is coming. They trust in the eternal

The night before bottling this essence, I looked out to the starry night sky to see the ‘Serpens caput’ constellation directly in front of me (the head end).  I would often observe the serpent eyes in my cat ‘Wow’ when he was alive who I associate (together with the Celtic and Asian cultures) with Dragons. This in turn ties in beautifully with the energy ley lines of our world that brings through the rivers of electromagnetic energy.

During this amazing journey of channelling and creating this water memory alchemy, many confirmations came through including picking up a slow worm who I through was dead as it was not moving, and the tail was missing and was black. It changed shape as I placed it in my hand and as I held it up eye to eye, it stuck it tongue out to me ( its version of hissing)  to put it back on the ground again!

On a recent retreat I pretended to be a snake as we were presented with tall grass to navigate through ( thankfully before hay fever), and this was a whole new perspective for me, grateful to be able to lift my head up to have some bearings and view, yet naturally and deeply alive along the surface of the front of my body ( Similar to what the Hopi culture as an invisible umbilical cord to the Earth beneath.

Witnessing a grass snake cross my path so quickly in front of me, to during the current course with the amazing  code carrier of Katie Jane re remembering the (Dragon) Ley- line known as the Spine of Albion ( Known widely as the Elen/Belinus Line) that runs along Britain’s longest north- south axis from the Isle of wight to the tip of northern Scotland, passing a number of scared sites along this line).

It is my hope that the energy of Serpent Awen reignites the power and strong connections that so many ancient cultures revered even today. From the life-giving Rainbow Serpent of the Aboriginals (bringer of water, fertility, plants and animals) to the large feathered serpent of Aztecs and Mayan people and the many Native Indian clans that associated the serpent with Mother Earth.
We each have a transformative role to play out as we welcome change that is here, connect with our lands more frequently (when is the last time you lay down on the Earth and surrendered your body and spine?). To be free enough to recognise all old skins and to welcome the shedding of them lastly, to trust each moment that holds such potential.

With loving flows

Pre Solar Eclipse
Sam Presenting Serpent Awen
Awen - Harreira
Serpent Ivy
Quartz Dragon
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